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Whom Konstantin Simonov asked: Wait for me, and I will return ?

on December 23, 1917, 90 years ago, near Kharkiv, the little-known provincial actress Claudia Polovikova gave birth to the daughter who was called by Valentina. Revolution and civil war, hunger and ruin put the country on that side when people stopped being people, and they had only an animal instinct of a self-survival. Especially heavy it was necessary to the intellectuals: then nobody read novels and poems, practically did not go to theaters, Claudia had to starve more than once. But she tried to give to the daughter the last hunk of bread.

One entry in Moscow remained - to get over and to try to break through on a scene in the capital. Arrived Polovikova right after death of the leader of the world proletariat, and a bit later in the country the new economic policy was declared, rich people ceased to hide the true wellbeing, and the Muscovites who yearned on entertainments began to fill theaters under the tie again. Affairs at the actress Polovikova went so successfully that she played almost every day, and mother was forced to take little Valya with herself in theater. So the girl constantly was in the face of directors. And already in 8 - summer age Valentina Polovikova`s debut in a performance according to Romain Roland`s play where to her entrusted to play the son of the main character took place.

It is difficult to believe in it, but from - for Wal`s theater even threw school, without having studied up to its termination several years. In 14 years told mother as cut off: it is more for a school desk a leg. Then, one may say, the first act of the tragedy which will be played forty years later was heard. But who knew about it? On the contrary, all tried to encourage hobby of the girl for theater, admired her, predicted dizzy future.

First and was. And in the Central technical school of theater (from where Valya ran away in a year after receipt), and in Theatre of young workers of its (TRAM) unless on hands did not carry. By 18 years Polovikova - younger was convinced - she the real property of the republic where there to Anton Kandidov, the character of the story of Lev Kassil, to those honors and glory which fell upon a light head of the young beauty.

And the husband she looked after to herself worthy. Anatoly Serov, the test pilot, the hero of civil war in Spain, the glorified Stalin brigade commander. By the way, the father of all people loved stately and cheerful Serov, sometimes invited him to the Kremlin, several times they met and talked in an informal situation. Only that disturbed companion Stalin: how this written handsome man still remained in bachelors? The leader urged on the falcon supposedly unless at us in the country few members of the Komsomol who for honor would consider to be near Serov?

The pilot had enough admirers, and the true love came only after his acquaintance to Polovikova. Having hardly met the actress, on May 3, 1938, he blazed to her with such passion that literally for the third day made the proposal. Whether Valya managed to fall in love with it by then? It is unlikely. The wedding was appointed to May 11. The high feeling came to it is much later, and at the beginning just flattered it that the person who forced to tremble the Spanish fascists, brave and reckless in fight, with it turns into the mild creation capable to execute any its whims.

However, soon and Valya fell in love with the hero. This couple became one of the most beautiful in the country, that is why for Serov felt sorry for nothing, up to the magnificent apartment in the center of Moscow from where only - only moved all relatives of the disgraced and shot in torture chambers marshal Egorov. Speak, on foreign misfortune of the happiness you will not construct. So it turned out and at Serov - the ill fate fell upon their family at that very moment when happy and pregnant with the son Valya was in the seventh heaven. It nebootnyalo at it the husband.

On May 3, 1939 they celebrated anniversary of acquaintance, and in two days on reception in the Kremlin Stalin very long spoke about something with Serov. As Anatoly told after return home, the leader personally asked it to carry out test of the new plane. The departure was appointed to May 11, in the first anniversary of their wedding. Also it should happen, as in the song: Once the motor refused flight

Reported to Valya about death of the husband before the performance. In some other country to the widow who became lifeless from a grief probably, would suggest to be alone. But not in Soviet - here the people tumbled down on a performance as in a zoo to look how the heart-broken woman will keep. It kept. And that day, and during a funeral, on May 14. It seemed, all country grieves on the pilot Serov. The ballot box with its ashes was buried in the Kremlin wall.

And in a month Valya gave birth to the son, having called it in honor of the father - Anatoly. And again did not take into consideration that it is better not to call children in honor of the dead, to anything, except misfortune, it will not bring. So it turned out also with Anatoly Serov - younger: by 30 years he became the chronic alcoholic, stayed several years in prison for hooliganism, and in 36 years died of cirrhosis. But we ran a little forward.

Having buried the husband and having given birth to the son, Valentina Serova was given to the only passion - theater. By then, after an exit to the movie " screen; The Girl with character where she played a leading role, she began to be recognized on streets, at performances with its participation there were always notices, each Muscovite respecting himself dreamed to look at least one eye at the actress. And she suddenly noticed that at each performance the low and ugly man holding a huge bouquet of roses in hand in the first row sits. So repeated from a performance in a performance. When Valya accepted about ten these bouquets, she took an interest: who this man? It was answered that it is very talented poet and the writer Konstantin Simonov. So they also got acquainted.

But did not hurry to conclude new marriage of Serov. One business to be the hero`s widow - the pilot, and absolutely another - the writer`s wife, let and becoming fashionable. First Simonov insisted on that they issued the relations, but then waved on it a hand: eventually, they live together what difference, is a stamp in the passport or not?

Perhaps, the wedding would take place earlier. But here war burst. Simonov was wound from the front on the front as the war correspondent. And in the winter of 1941, in the heat of fights near Moscow, it gave rise the well-known lines: Wait for me, and I will return . One and a half months later verses were printed in To the Truth also became national property.

And at this particular time that to which Simonov so sacredly trusted and which begged to wait as nobody else addressing with concerts wounded fighters and commanders of Red Army in hospital, met true love - 46 - the summer general Konstantin Rokossovsky. It was destructive feeling for the sake of which Valya was ready to throw everything, even theater. But Rokossovsky had a family. Future marshal understood: to connect the hearts, it is necessary to destroy much everything. Happen it in a peace time, so, probably, and occurred. And in a wartime open communication with the famous actress could cost much. Konstantin Konstantinovich decided that it is simpler to refuse love Is possible

, this inability of darling to take the responsibility became decisive blow for the young woman. For the first time in life not it rejected, and rejected it. Something moved in consciousness return to Simonov, the birth of their daughter was

I though then, nothing could stop the actress any more. Often it killed mental anguish vodka. Eventually became the alcoholic, fell by the most social bottom. In the last years of life to it there was no business to anybody, except the daughter at all. And on December 12, 1975 also Valentina Serova will die. As wrote after it the daughter: She Died one, in the empty, robed by the easy riders who are accustoming to drinking her apartment from which took out everything that gave in to carrying manually

The ex-husband, Konstantin Simonov, sent to a coffin of 58 pink roses.

Claudia Polovikova also came to a funeral of the daughter. Stood slightly - slightly near a coffin, sighed and went, up hill and down dale. It is easy to guess what mother thought of. For it Valechka and remained the little girl whom it half a century brought to Moscow back]