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How to spend vacation? 8 entertainments for every taste of

Gadgets come!

do not refuse to yourself during vacation pleasure to enjoy shopping and to fill up the arsenal of modern gadgets. You do not know, than to amuse itself? Perhaps USB - a tie, a pocket ashtray, an umbrella - the water gun or warm earphones? It is not enough? Then take above and you get the car changing color, and as the passenger take the robot - the all-terrain vehicle, with it you will not miss. For a full complete set we add the espionage handle with a video camera which begins record at detection action we master technology of cutting snowflakes and forward, for vacation!

We learn to meditate

Generally, at number one for winter vacation has to be in the list of affairs banal, but all the necessary hang-up is a rest. In your task enters to allow to the organism to have a rest and protect from the forthcoming stresses, to learn to get rid of fatigue and to reach harmony with itself. These problems are solved if to learn to meditate. Yes, it is difficult, can happen so, as there will not be enough vacation - that to comprehend this ability. But it is worth trying.

The word meditation has several values, the simplest of them sounds as ability to relax. The best way to learn it consists in concentration on the breath. If you are able to track one or two minutes breath, so you are given simply birth for meditation. If is not present, it is necessary to work a little further to relaksirovat professionally . Other positive moments of meditation - music, candles and aromas, such pleasant, such quiet.

Walk across Japan

should go To Japan not only to walk on the Japanese gardens and to admire the blossoming Oriental cherry. Mysterious east country attracts with the infinite number of shops, little shops, benches and the whole quarters with unique books, toys, comics, everything that is connected with games and a hobby. The interesting culture surprising the whole world is created by interesting people. And youth there in general unique, once you look, they put on. But the strangest are the Japanese Gotha. By the way, do not trust those who say that Japanese the teetotal people which do not like to have a good time. Just go to them and check!

Dirty dances come back

If there is a wish to feel spirit of freedom and to dance really, dance in Havana. Life of Cubans is impulsive and open, it passes on the street and on a balcony. They without a break talk days through the cracked windows and doors, play at a porch dominoes, play music and dance. Wake up under singing of roosters here, wander on the streets covered with the posters To us it is good .

You will meet a peculiar extreme in the evening when in some areas switch off electricity. The whole streets and quarters plunge into darkness, but to walk there absolutely safely. It is curious to glance in crocodile nursery with an inscription on gate " in the afternoon; Cultivation of crocodiles - idea of revolution to visit in Soviet shops where goods are given by cards. To come into the Museum of fight against illiteracy, to chop reed together with Cubans, to luxuriate on the beach with black sand and to come into the only Museum of history of piracy in the world. But all this is minor, the main thing to become for a while the real Cuban and to selflessly dance, dance, dance

of Transportomaniya

Though, know, behind a true pleasure it is not obligatory to go somewhere far. Just sit down in the next transport, leave on the fifth (or the tenth) a stop and change other type of transport. Also it is desirable that it was unusual for you. Having reached to final, investigate the nearby district regarding something it is remarkable - interesting.

At the same time look with other eyes and at the subway. Perhaps not it it noisy and opposite. And just the opposite, very much even romantic place. Think whether on all stations you were. Is not present? But it is not interesting to look what there? On the road it is useful to look in a window of the train and to consider wires on tunnel walls. And for a dessert it be presented to some driver by the journalist. Tell that write the laudatory ode to your native subway, but without excursion in depot it will be insufficiently laudatory. On the course of the improvised excursion ask how many at them all trains and other small, but terrible interesting details of a vault. Strangely enough, occupation quite fascinating, at least once in life it is necessary to try!

Why to play in soks

For the first time began to kick a self-made sack with beans in the USA to year so in 1972 - ohm. Now soks prospers and develops in several directions. One of them, Footbag Net or Volley Sock, it when flies over a ball through a grid. And the most difficult and beautiful direction, Footbag Freestyle, is so peculiar that to masters in this case just right in circus to act together with gymnasts. You want to them? Just it is a high time to learn, and it does not matter that winter on the street. In soks it is possible to play on any covered areas or even at home. There is no rule of the game simple rather them at all. And now it not only art of the movement, but tailoring and coloring of the ball. So to artists and other creative persons too here.

People who play in soks receive a huge charge of energy. Sometimes after strained fights it seems as if ran 10 - kilometer cross-country. Agree, a useful occupation, simply there is a wish to run not painfully, especially, winter frosts. And for the girls anxious with the figure, it is the real find.

Magic - it is simple

can Diversify winter vacation, having imagined itself the great conjurer. Do not worry, no supernatural abilities need to be possessed. Will be to arm with desire and good mood enough. And the cheerful company will not prevent that was whom to surprise. Later it is recommended to pozhonglirovat eggs (tomatoes, apples). And even if as a result at you nothing will turn out, except notorious focus with eating finger and the spoiled products, it will be all the same amusing.

Races on dogsleds this

A already occupation for the real thrill-seekers. Only already for one such adventure it is possible to fall in love winter. So, bring together more friends, you are divided into teams and arrange races on dogsleds. You think, it is similar to skis, either the sledge, or, maybe, a snowmobile? Anything similar! Feelings absolutely new and not similar to anything. Especially, if there is a suitable beauty spot around. And fans of dogs in general will be delighted with the beautiful and strong animals ready to catch up and overtake anyone.

A conclusion from all aforesaid one: work to liking will always be, at all seasons of the year. The main thing - desire and a positive spirit!]