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Kind it is not simple to be absolutely at all... And how all - it to become?

Someone often reflect how to do right thing, and doubts, someone long worries before making the decision, and at others the intuition is so strongly developed that blindly it is possible to follow it, and you will not be mistaken. Anyway, all our actions, words, acts influence on people around. And, in fact, depends on the person whether will turn back for another and himself, put him a ray of good and light or trouble and darkness. How to behave adequately and how it is beautiful to arrive in relation to others that was not excruciatingly painful? How to be kind for itself and others? Everything depends on a position which will be accepted by each of you.


1. Light never interferes with the choice of the person. You doubt? Then, without doubting, provide the choice to the partner - irrespective of whether will accept you his decision. You would not like too that you were laid aside and disfranchised, destroying your right of a freedom of choice. Respect the choice of the partner because it is given it for evolution.

2. Light is not indifferent to the world: he offers, but does not impose. Offering the help to someone, be guided by

the rule: you want - I will help . It is possible to offer the help, to share opinion, but not to impose as any imposing is already force which, as a rule, wants to resist and make on the contrary, asking a question: And who asks you?

3. Do not refuse to the person in information and an explanation who asked about something you. Life by the principle: when the Pupil is ready - also the Teacher comes.

4. Light never refuses a request to learn itself. Gives everyone so much how many for it it is necessary for evolutionary development at present. If to you came with a question, then in this case you are a Teacher who has no right to refuse, and has to give necessary, but not excess information, i.e. on the pupil`s question - the answer.

5. Light never condemns others, does not oppose itself to the world. That the word promoted awakening of the sleeping conscience of others, they cannot be condemned. As condemning and edifying, you remove from yourself the partner and lose an opportunity to be heard. Perhaps, it lacks your wisdom to see in what he is wrong.

6. Light never attacks the first in fight against the Evil as it respects its freedom of choice, gives to the person time to think again. But when the enemy attacks, Light sets in motion the defensive system - the Good word. This wonder-working force of the word! Use the reasoned word force in negative situations.

7. Light praises his true light affairs in the person, strengthening thereby the light beginning in it. Focusing attention of the person on his bad affairs or lines, abusing it - we strengthen the Evil in it. Many people are not happy with themselves. Fixing in them good, we strengthen faith of the person in ourselves, in the fact that he worthy, strengthening his light thoughts.

8. Light never resorts to lie, it is sometimes better to keep silent, than to tell the truth for the sake of rescue of another because the road to hell can be covered by good intentions. From other party, wishing to help someone the truth, we sometimes only aggravate situation.

9. Light does not take offense. Any offense does not allow to win victory over evil - to love the person and to see in him the good beginning. Do not take offense and do not condemn children as they have no knowledge and wisdom yet, they cannot independently cope with life situations. You teach them without offenses and rage.

10. Light does not parasitize on others. Do not impose others the problems, try to solve them independently. As light - a source, he gives heat to others.

11. At hit of the person in a difficult situation Light does not deny the assistance. And at the same time when something is impossible to you, but you as the Pupil ask a question and look for an exit, without condemning anybody that got into such situation, there will always be people who will help you.

12. Light denies any dependence because dependence is a slavery. The person tries not to depend on others and does not do dependent on himself others. However he does not refuse the help of others since all have an age scale.

13. Offering the help, Light demands nothing in exchange: I will not grow poor, to me will come . (Yes the hand giving will not become scanty)

14. Giving help, Light never solves all his problems that the person could show the Divine for the person. Do not chew in total up to the end to neither the child, nor the adult - give him food for development. Helped a little, and further - that the person did not parasitize.

15. You approach everything from a position of the Highest sense, but not the personal interest. Ask yourself a question more often: and sense? Main principle: do not do much harm! Think, than your act for others will turn back.

16. The person who became on the way Sveta does not allow in himself fear and doubts. If you are afraid, then recognize yourself poor and helpless, strengthening the Evil in yourself. You doubt - you ask, ask and always receive the answer (not very well from where and through what sources).

17. Become on the way Sveta, will never waste time in vain since the world is limited in time. (The purpose in life is important.)

18. Light never comes true. At its presence any secret becomes obvious. If you are right why to justify oneself?! You do not want to trust - do not believe. Time your choice incorrect - you will lose .

Let in rays Sveta (dobra) the heart, then in your life the sun will begin to shine a thicket and is brighter. Become the sun for yourself and others. And then any problems will be solved easily and quickly, without incredible efforts, bringing satisfaction that you are Persons. Humanity - it is beautiful because beauty of the relations and is humanity.]