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How to meet 2008?

Every time before New year we reflect how to meet him? There is a wish to offer several ways...

the House, the lovely house

It is not so bad to gather, at last, after labor year all family at a round table and to give a toast for New year. Here it is possible to remember all stories which occurred in a year, to joke, laugh and wish each other good health, good luck and execution of all desires in the coming year. The old kind TV, for certain, will prepare the festive New Year`s program and will not allow to fall asleep.

If all bothered New Year`s sparks it is possible to arrange the Songs can be sung only this night, and nobody will accuse you of disorderly conduct. So if there is a karaoke, then include and sing in the microphone under the known melodies, and if not, then the song In the wood the fir-tree " was born; knows everyone.

Dances are always a good pretext to get out from - for a table. It is possible to dance anything, somehow and the main thing, under any music! You drive round dances around a fir-tree and sing, jump on one leg and stage contests on the best New Year`s dance, both slow, and fast.

Danced to the heart`s content, sung and already it seems that on the TV show the same performers? It is possible to stage own contests, but it is necessary to prepare them in advance. Competitions can be found in the Internet or library to whom that is closer.

Bothered! Every year same. Salatiki, dances New Year`s applets - you will tell. Then you can try to diversify celebration of New year, to make it special without leaving the house. So

the place of celebration of New year assumes to Lay a table on a balcony

that the number of guests will be limited. Yes, you correctly understood me: if your family consists of two people, then this way suits you as to nobody else

the Star sky, explosions of petards behind a window, the lonely situation and small space will create an unforgettable picture. In the south practically in all houses, on balconies there are beds and why not to deliver you a bed or not to outline pillows directly on a balcony? Why not to lay a table in such unusual place? The main condition that it was warm. If on your balcony the winter walks, then it is unreasonable to put a bed because celebration can end with frostbite.

You are upset? Everything was pleasant, but the cold is the only obstacle?! Be not upset! In your apartment there is one more small space, not less romantic, than the balcony is a bathroom.

Foamy New year

Gather a full bathtub of water (or if you are allowed means, champagne), decorate a ceiling with neon stars (than not the night sky?) and walls neon snowflakes, light couple of candles, lay a table, turn off the light and celebrate this really unusual holiday with darling! About such New year it will be possible to tell all fellow workers and friends.

Everything, of course, is good, but nothing can force to believe that you are in some other place. You look at walls of a bathroom and understand that it is your bathroom and, having left it, you will turn out in the apartment again that does not please. There is a wish for a long holiday? You just should leave, but you too late came round what you do not want to meet New year in the apartment? Did not manage to buy the vacation package? Be not upset! We suggest to meet New year so

Fantastic New year

All people love fantastic heroes, believe in Father Frost and the Snow Maiden and are rather happy when they see near themselves the actors changed in them.

Forward! In " shop; Toys behind suits and in any other shopping center behind candies and gifts.

In such suits, with surprises and congratulations, will wait for you in any family. Congratulate friends, relatives and acquaintances.

will rejoice to your emergence Everywhere and to thank for the fact that you are! You will not remain hungry! Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!]