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Whether it is necessary to select the moment for words: Darling, you will become a father soon! ?

Isn`t that so, controversial issue? In life of most of women there comes the moment when it is necessary to make the important decision on when it and how to tell about the pregnancy, not at all happens, as in the fairy tale: love and full mutual understanding. Sometimes, that, it seems, all - at you it is good to eat, it seems, it - love - here only about children: give, the darling, then, and? And when then? Years go, youth leaves.

Or here situation: you already have a child, but you want one more lyalechka (well, this maternal instinct boils in you what here you will do?!) however your man has other opinion in this respect.

Many agree with the satellites, maybe, for the sake of tranquility, or perhaps from - for fear to lose the man, the support. And you, suddenly, begin to feel differently and understand soon that the moment for the words You will become a father soon! came, and not to avoid it in any way.

my friend Svetlana successfully married Anatoly. It and at the husband perfectly had a career therefore with children all postponed. In their life there came not really good period. Began a thicket to swear, sort out the relations, then, of course, were reconciled, but time of quarrels and offenses everything increased, and reconciliations - was reduced. Also it is necessary, right now Sveta understood that she is pregnant. It has a shock what to do, houses not idyll and how her dear spouse will react?

In the evening, as usual, from nothing there was the next scandal. She indignantly threw different causticities and reproaches towards the husband (As he can, the rascal, I in such situation?!) and he, in turn, did not mince words (from where to it to know about its situation). Here - that Svetlana in a fit of temper blurted out: Do not dare to shout more at me, I will have a child!

Without knowing how to react, inside the indignation storm from the endured conflict did not settle yet, Shreds just left in a huff and left. Incorrect reaction of darling could pull for itself the tragedy. Very emotional Sveta right there decided that the child of one is not necessary to her.

It is good that near us there are good friends! All of us managed to improve this awful situation in time. Soon daddy cooled down, realized, improved. There were both flowers, and champagne, and expensive gift. It is possible to tell, all as at people. Yes - and - and, here to you and the moment for important words!

And if that evening my dear friend, realizing importance of the moment, all - could constrain emotions and smoothed the conflict? A lot of things depend on the woman! Would make a tasty dinner, got, maybe, not a bottle of wine, but a box with juice or milk, its flood on glasses. Here where intrigue! And, having snatched the moment, gently so, looking in eyes: Darling, you will become a father soon! What, and? I think, this couple absolutely in a different way would endure this moment, such significant for both of them.

My two children. In our family there was everyone: and the periods, as at my friend Svetlana when enrages everything that gets to the field of your sight, and full idyll. I reported about the first pregnancy, one may say, run, between affairs, though noticed shock which was felt by my darling from heard, we had neither a housing, nor work what to take from poor students.

For the second time there was already both an apartment, and stable earnings, decided not to shock though my husband - the real man, a reliable shoulder, a wall! In the evening, looking in eyes, it is tender and silent: Darling, you will become a father soon! . Avaricious on emotions, it only also could that: The Clear head, I am very glad! - and a kiss me in a nose. Not champagne, of course, and not flowers, but we, women, have this sixth sense when we know for certain that it is madly happy.

It is clear, that all men different: someone and on your look will understand everything, and before someone dance - do not dance, whisper - do not whisper, all the same or conditions will begin to put, or in general will disappear. Darlings, darlings and the loving women! Include the sixth sense and act!]