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How to make the Guryev porridge for the Epiphany?

Kashi - traditional dishes on Epiphany holidays. One of the most tasty porridges is Guryev.

The GURYEV PORRIDGE is the dish of Russian cuisine which is thought up as was considered as the count D. A. Guryev, the Russian Minister of Finance of the beginning of 19 century earlier. However there are data that at all not the minister invented porridge. The role it is reduced to the fact that at a formal dinner party, having tasted the most tasty porridge, he bargained with the host and redeemed for himself it the serf cook Zakhar Kuzmin who was an inventor of porridge.

Gradually this porridge was learned to be prepared in many houses of the Moscow nobility, and cookbooks made it known far outside Russia, and everywhere it was called porridge Guryev, a name of the valid inventor, cook as it happens often, forgotten.

I give to you the recipe of the GURYEV PORRIDGE .

The following products are necessary for preparation of a dish: 2 - 3 glasses of milk, 0,5 glasses of heavy cream

3 - 0,5 glasses of walnuts

4 - 2 tablespoons of

5 - 2 sugar of a tablespoon of the

6 - 2 butter of

7 egg - salt, vanillin - to taste

A for fruit sauce take

of 1 - 0,5 glass of semolina


1 - apricots (dried apricots) - 10 pieces

2 - sugar - 2 tablespoons

3 - warm boiled water - 2 tablespoons

How to prepare. the Boiling milk salt

, pour slowly a semolina and constantly disturb. Trouble will quickly be stirred up. Ready porridge cool


Pound yolks of eggs with sugar and beat whites in foam. Slightly fry

on butter of a kernel of walnuts, previously having crushed them in a mortar.

Conduct eggs and nuts in porridge. Everything carefully mix


Grease a frying pan (it is desirable with a thick bottom) with butter, lay out on a bottom a porridge layer, from above on it dried apricots without stones and fill in with the thinnest layer of cream.

Then again lay a porridge layer. Each layer of porridge before dried apricots strew

with icing sugar (carefully! be not overzealous with it!) Deliver to

a frying pan in an oven and bake before formation of a golden crust. the Ready dish strew

with the remained nuts, decorate with dried apricots.

For sauce crush dried apricots (better in the blender), mix it with sugar, add water and you cook before receiving homogeneous mass. Cool


It is accepted to serve porridge in the same ware in which it prepared. Sauce give

separately, in portion sockets.