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Whether often on your table zrazas appear?

Are considered that the word " zrazas; came to Russian from Poland in the 19th century.

Initially cooked zrazas as follows: cut off a piece of meat, beat off it a kitchen hammer and then fried thoroughly. Now the recipe changed to unrecognizability. Zraza is any more not beaten off meat, and a cutlet with a stuffing. I advise

For this dish to you not to use other spices, except black pepper. If to you to taste interesting dishes, take for preparation not usual cheese, but some juicy, the main thing that it well melted.

It is the Recipe of the most tasty zrazas .

Ingredients :

1. 500 g of the freshest pork or a swine - ground beef.

2. 100 g of pure, meatless, lard.

3. 1 egg.

4. 1 average bulb.

5. 1 city roll or half of white long loaf.

6. 0,5 glasses of milk of 3,2% of fat content.

7. salt and ground black pepper.

8. 10 dried white mushrooms.

9. 3 average lukovichka.

10. 100 g of salted pork fat.

11. 100 g of grated soft cheese.

12. 100 g of breadcrumbs.

13. 0,5 glasses of fat sour cream.

14. fennel.

And now preparation technique. For a start needs to make for

forcemeat. It becomes so.

Is crushed onions, fried on butter and added to mincemeat.

Forcemeat is salted, peppered, egg and the bread soaked in milk is added to it (it is not necessary to wring out it!)

Carefully, hands! forcemeat is kneaded by the shaking-up movements until meat does not become magnificent.

Mushrooms are boiled and crushed.

is Small cut salted pork fat and added to mushrooms, the fried onions, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper interfere here; all this mixes up.

are formed Of forcemeat flat cakes on which the stuffing gives all the best. From above on a stuffing it is filled a little grated cheese.

of Edge of flat cake approach and are accurately pinched.

of Zraza keep within on a frying pan (without handle) with oil, the same oil have a shower bath, from above pour down sour cream.

the Frying pan is put in well warmed oven. Zrazas are concerned about 30 - 40 minutes. the Ready dish to take

from the furnace, to lay out on a beautiful tray and to strew densely with the crushed fennel.

If you do not want to potter long, can roll one pancake from forcemeat, put on it a stuffing. In 5 minutes prior to the end of baking plentifully to powder zraza with cheese (in this case cheese it is required twice more), and then fennel.

I recommend to serve zrazas to a boiled kartoshechka (better to a gipsy dance ) with onions or the boiled soft buckwheat cereal.

Bon appetit! ]