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And you prepared sometime kidneys?

Admit to yourself, please: whether the thought came to your mind to try to prepare kidneys?

Most likely, in shop or in the market you persistently ignored them. And so, I persistently recommend to you to please myself and relatives with remarkably tasty dish from kidneys.

Kidneys with sour cream from an oven

For preparation of kidneys to you it is required to b:

1. 700 - 800 g of the freshest kidneys. They can be beef, mutton or pork. In the prepared type of distinction in taste are almost imperceptible.

2. 20 tubers of an average, and are better than some small potatoes.

3. 1 large carrots.

4. 1 average turnip.

5. 5 salty (but not marinated) cucumbers.

6. 1 glass of sour cream is more dense yes more fatly.

7. 5 average garlic gloves.

8. 1 tablespoon of tasty and sweet tomato paste.

9. salt - extra.

10. ground black pepper.

11. 2 tablespoons of melted butter.

12. fennel.

The dish prepares so.

are Cut by kidneys lengthways in half, fill in with very cold water and soak within 3 - 4 hours, each hour changing water.

merge the Last water, kidneys place in a pan and fill in with clear cold boiled water (volume about 3 l).

Bring to boiling and merge water. Again fill in kidneys with the same water in the same volume.

is Cooked to readiness.

Then kidneys take from a pan and carefully wash under warm flowing water.

cut Further a kidney on thin strips and fry till appetizing golden color in melted butter.

In a separate frying pan fry potatoes rings or half rings (it is necessary to try that each potato ringlet was fried separately from others, without sticking to them. For this purpose the frying pan for frying has to be spacious).

On the third frying pan of 5 minutes fry the sliced carrots and turnip (slices have to be identical).

on a bottom place the fried potato, afterwards a layer of carrots and turnip In portion pots, and then stripes of kidneys.

clean Pickles and, having cut ringlets, stack in pots over a layer of kidneys.

Salt also pepper.

Water with the tomato paste which is moderately divorced (1:1) with boiled water, and then sour cream.

Previously chopped up (but not davlenny) powder with garlic contents of pots.

Extinguish in an oven to readiness of carrots and turnip (about 20 minutes).

is Taken from the furnace and given on a table, having added fennel greens to pots.

Appetite pleasant to you! ]