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Tavern on Pyatnitskaya of

the Director of a gymnasium Ivan Ivanovich and the teacher of natural sciences Ivan Nikiforovich went to celebrate new appointment of the teacher. Whom he will be, in all gymnasium only the director knew. Ivan Nikiforovich guessed, but pretended that he even does not suspect.

Near a tavern that settled down on Pyatnitskaya and where heroes of this narration went stood the organ-grinder. From its tool a lingering rumble rushed Separation, you are separation - the foreign country .

- Dear sirs whether you wish to learn the future, - shouted the organ-grinder in hope to earn from the paper horoscopes lying at the bottom of a big copper bowl, outlines reminding a chamber-pot.

- the Flimflammer, - the director of a gymnasium muttered and marched by. - I always do the future.

the Teacher was late for a moment, and, having thrown the organ-grinder the patch, received the prophecy curtailed several times.

On the run, having developed a piece of paper, Ivan Nikiforovich saw the drawn fig with a big blue nail in the foreground and read the text: Now you can show it to all the friends and the administration . The teacher grinned and they with the director entered a tavern.

to the People in so early hour was almost not and to guests immediately flew up sexual with a towel on the left hand.

- That misters wish to eat. Svininka is smoked, just from Paris, with truffles, rasstegaychik with a salmon, a mutton leg on a spit, a fua - a gra from Tambov. Or misters prefer other pleasures. Let`s organize this moment.

the Director weakened knot of the bothered tie.

- Other pleasures, smart guy, we receive at work. For now bring - to us champagne and to steam of apples for serious conversation and disappear in a flash.

Sexual was gone, as well as was not. The director turned back to the teacher and put a hand on his shoulder:

- the Dear, Ivan Nikiforovich. We work not one year. What the period in department of formation of St. Petersburg is necessary. Hardly from there escaped. Our gymnasium in which we enclosed so many efforts goes through difficult times now. As you know, elections of the new director are coming tomorrow. And I, under the charter of institution, cannot participate in them any more. the Teacher of natural sciences took

from a tray the apple brought sexual and wiped it about a frock coat sleeve.

- We everything, all pedagogical collective are deeply upset with this circumstance, dear Ivan Ivanovich. You know how you are adored by pupils with what love all service personnel, from the cleaner to the night watchman treat. - the teacher with a crunch bit off a piece of a fruit. - We are shocked. But there`s nothing to be done. The charter is the charter. - Therefore - that I also chose by

you, Ivan Nikiforovich, from all pedagogical collective for discussion of very important subject. You will get up on my place tomorrow.

- That, with all rights inherent in the head of a gymnasium, - was looked interrogatively by the teacher in eyes to the director.

- Almost, the dear, almost. You should accept representatives of other gymnasiums in my office, to go to them with reciprocal visits. You as far as I remember, still conducted a circle medical and grew up oats with pupils in subsidiary farm. Here also continue. I will occupy with

so far an office of the manager of a teaching department (to it it is time on pension long ago) and I will order about our institution from it. Tomorrow before elections members of the board of trustees will propose your candidacy. Them will be four. Two I do not remember names - are taken for mass character. The main - Tit Titych Myshkin. The second - the retired ensign Miron Neunyvaykin. to

you, smart guy, tomorrow them listen and agree. And then offer me for a role of the director of studies. Goes.

Ivan Nikiforovich smiled enough and took a champagne bottle in a hand. He perfectly remembered the prediction received from the organ-grinder:

- For eternal friendship and effective cooperation. Let`s drink on brudershaft, dear Ivan Ivanovich. By the way, you have in an office a convenient furniture?]