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What is the trimming?

During all eras of the Egyptian history trimming were obligatory for candidates for dedication. It is made during a ceremony.

Trimming of two young people is even imprinted on a wall of the Egyptian tomb which age four and a half thousand years. That trimming was made by means of a silicon knife. Cool to look.

It is Generally scientifically authentically established that trimming was humane replacement of castration as initially the concepts eunuch and intellectual " type; devoted were unambiguously synonyms.

Trimming for Jews defines belonging to the Bogoizbranny people. Should it is devoted to the One God, the Creator and the Creator of everything, it is considered inoverny, unworthy to make to God a sacrifice, unworthy to address It.

Virgin Mary and her Hoop maker Josef, the imaginary father of Jesus therefore brought the baby for trimming to the temple and there together with a narecheniye of a name made this ceremony.

The Circumcision of Jesus is celebrated for the eighth day after Christmas.

this Holiday is important also the fact that it contrary to many heresies which distort terrestrial shape of Christ confirms that Jesus was male and the ceremonies intending for Jews over It were made without exception.

the First apostles and Christians coming from Jews were too is universal are cut off.

By historians of a suit it is noticed long ago that the furniture of Catholic priests is quite concrete ritualizirovanny cover for a penis: both the episcopal miter, and a papal tiara - headdresses of intellectuals, scientists - have the form of a phallus or extreme flesh, and their origin is connected all with the same Egyptian ritual trimming.

It is obvious that it is expressive material traces of old ceremonies - to conclude a genital of the priest in the cover closed by means of the lock.

Similarly the situation and in Greece where the above-mentioned cover got a form of a wheaten ear were: during a ceremony the woman embodying the goddess of fertility Demetra took the cover containing a genital of the priest in hand and released it. After that there was a sacral copulation which represented fertility ritual.

And today in some African tribes cases when men all life carry on a lace the sack containing the skin of extreme flesh removed at them when trimming in the childhood with the turned blood are frequent. Because to this day in many cultures of Africa trimming is the central component of ritual of initiation - the dedication turning the teenager into the man.

If who wants in Latin, write down, use in life, - TsIRKUMTsIZIYa!

Trimming was always widespread in the countries with hot climate from - for difficulties of respect for male hygiene. Now, when the civilization considerably stepped forward, there is no expediency of carrying out trimming in the hygienic purposes.

However one resident of the Scandinavian province somehow was going to descend once in marriage for the Jew. She very much endured

on the fact that to it girlfriends about trimming and the international conflicts connected with it told.

The girl honestly and openly came to the grandmother of the Jewish groom and directly asked:

- Tell me that this your such notorious trimming?

The grandmother reflected sadly, then sighed and answered:

- Well, in - the first, it is beautiful

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