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How to create a bouquet from carrot? Winter entertainments of

In winter in the absence of the sun, heat and pleasant greens it is possible to entertain children and itself, growing up amusing features from root crops. They easily let out foliage, having got to the warm light room. It is necessary only to connect a little bit imaginations and patience, and surely something will turn out.

For example, for production of an amusing bouquet from carrot it is enough to take a thick root crop with the outlined sprouts of leaves and to cut off at it a top. Eventually, it is always thrown out, so why not to try? It will be especially interesting and informative to children. With a clear conscience to use the rest to destination - in food. Existence of sprouts on a top is not obligatory, but it is desirable. In that case there are more chances that conceived it will turn out. And, the more sprouts, the bouquet will be more magnificent.

So, thick carrot needs to be washed properly, in the field of a top with extra care not to break fragile sprouts of leaves. It is necessary to cut off a top approximately 5 - 6 cm high. From within carefully to cut out a knife excess pulp that something turned out like a glass. Walls to leave about 1 cm thick, the bottom from which leaves will grow has to be thicker - about 2 cm

by means of a needle in walls turned out glass to pass two threads, having arranged their cross - crosswise, strictly observing perpendicularity, otherwise there will be a distortion. Length of threads undertakes any, depending on on what height the bouquet will hang. For example, when using threads 50 cm long the suspension bracket about 20 cm will turn out. The ends of threads need to be collected in a bunch and to stick a small knot.

Now carrot needs to be placed on a light warm window, having suspended for threads. Not to forget to add water to the cut-out bottom, and periodically to turn carrot other party to light that leaves were evenly lit and were equally magnificent from all directions. In few weeks it will turn out openwork light-a green bouquet which will hide under itself(himself) all top over time. By the way, leaves of carrots can be added to borsch.

Too it is possible to make something of the sprouting beet similar. For this purpose cut off a top with the appeared leaves with a pulp layer not less than 2 cm. In a glass fill clean sand or the friable soil and place a beet top there, having slightly pressed deep into. At a light window at regular watering soon begin to grow beautiful leaves in saturated claret tones, with zheltovato - green stains. And if to put several such tops in one wide capacity, then the small gryadochka with vitamin greens will turn out. Leaves of beet are vitamin-rich (With, B 1, B 2, PP), sugars, in them there is a lot of carotene, valuable acids and minerals.

For long winter months you manage to miss also fresh spring flowers. Even the most modest cats willows are capable to dispel grief now and to lighten mood. But it is possible to present to himself and which - that especially refined. For example, a bouquet of the blossoming forzition.

It is for this purpose better to do preparations in the second half of winter when the stage of natural rest already came to the end and the plant is ready to the beginning of vegetation. For a bouquet cut off branches with the greatest number of flower kidneys. Having brought them to the house, it is not necessary to put at once in a vase. They need to be warmed gradually. For this purpose it is possible to take approximately about days them on a verandah, on a loggia, on a cool window sill in the room. And it is possible just at several o`clock entirely to ship in cool water.

After that to put a bouquet in a vase with the cooled boiled water, having slightly sweetened it with sugar. It is necessary to change water every other day, without forgetting to sweeten. If necessary it is possible slightly - to update slightly cuts a sharp knife. And then days through ten the real spring will come to the house: the forzition will become covered brightly - yellow florets which will warm soul and will disperse melancholy.]