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How to impart to the child love to reading? Read to it!

Since my childhood the world strongly changed. Life changed, people changed, the nature changed, the equipment changed. Only draft of mankind to new, unknown did not change. And though information channels became much more, one of the most available is still the printing text. There is no wish to spend time for transfer of all that distracts the person from reading. There is only a wish to replace that the love to the process is put at early age.

Each of us at least once in life, in the far childhood, chased the senior relatives with a request to esteem. Who was not got from - for a case, a sofa, from - under a table with the book to attract to more essential at the moment to business? From whom did not take away a small lamp, the calculator, and now and the cell phone which you under a blanket highlighted to yourself desired pages? In whose school compositions As I spent summer Jim Hawkins, d`Artagnan, Frodo Begens`s images were not looked through, at last? Unless only at television maniacs?

And even more often we from acquaintances and strangers hear now that children you will not force to read also the page. I mean the children able to read. And already teachers of literature at many schools do not pay attention that answers of children, as like as two peas, are similar to the text of the textbook, and compositions are written off from reviews to works which they pass . Teachers, for certain, rejoice that it was read at least.

And a problem, actually, in us, in parents who did not teach the child to love the printing word in time. But we never give up, so? In total in our hands. So let`s make up for lost time.

I remember distinctly that in the childhood surely read me books before going to bed. And in the afternoon, certainly, but in the evening it was obligatory ritual. And nobody broke this tradition. Neither grandmother with the grandfather, nor mother, nor father. It was natural and unconditional.

When I was taught to read, and there was it to school, all always very attentively listened read by me even if it were Geese are swans where mother and the father crashed but not left .

Later mother in general began to apply a low blow: read me something very entertaining, and on the most interesting place suddenly it or had very important occupation, or the voice sat down And where was to disappear to the poor child? Exactly thanks to my parents I in middle classes read Gold calf Twelve chairs Adventures of the gallant soldier Shveyk . Here so, in turn with mother and the father, and then independently. Certainly, not everything reached me. Then very opportunely there were explanations of parents. It was always very interesting, and later many books wanted to be re-read. In spite of the fact that sometimes reading took away time of preparation for lessons, my school education did not suffer at all, and just the opposite.

Time, and " came; low blow I used already, concerning my oldest daughter. Helped remarkably. And now I work it on younger. And senior throws the TV and the computer when we aloud in turn read books about Harry Potter which she davny - read long ago.

Dear parents are mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts! Read to children of the book aloud, do not feel sorry on it for time and forces. It is very probable that it very much will help you and will relieve of need to convince and force the child to study, to employ tutors. This occupation does the child inquisitive, distracts from the computer and the TV, on good literary examples teaches the child of life. Clever men and clear heads grow up from widely-read children. Joint reading and empathy pulls together you with your children. They will remember these moments all life and will fall in love to read.]