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How to manage to work and bring up the child?

to Realize itself at work, at the same time to have worthy payment of the work - undoubtedly, business necessary. But it is not less important to bring up the child is your debt. And here you try not only to catch two hares, but also both to prepare in due form. One leg there - another here. Wider step...

So, than to you, the young successful loving parents to help?

We will begin with the fact that it is not so bad that your child until you at work, goes to kindergarten. While mother was in a maternity leave, the kid was limited to communication with parents, was under their continuous guardianship. Now the child in collective, it has an option with whom to be on friendly terms how to arrive. With you the child felt like the egoist - all attention to me, I the best, I am loved, value me. In kindergarten it suddenly will face others interests, it will be important to it to understand that all are equal, all deserve both encouragement, and punishment for fault. The kid will begin to understand how it is favorable to behave in collective: you will be kind and not greedy - and nobody will hit you, will reckon with you. You will be to pull a blanket on itself - you will remain to miss one.

Often, listening to conversation of two children, it is possible to hear: And my father is a seaman! And my father works at plant! And my mother: And mine!. Children are proud of the parents therefore, sending the child since morning to collective, - you can be quiet: your child quietly treats your aspiration to self-actualize. Of course, not at once he will easily transfer separation from you, but everything needs time.

If sense of guilt for the thrown child fell down from your shoulders - you should not rejoice so prematurely. Nevertheless your kid on you misses and needs your communication with it. Sometimes, being fond of career development, parents think only of how to provide the monetary future of the children: school, tutors, the best institute, fashionable jeans. But now to your child all the same in what he is dressed and in what branch of science he wants to comprehend elements. Now he wants to be to you interesting and not indifferent.

Try to arrive on time from work, to be disconnected completely from office vanity, not to take reports / plans / additional load of the house at all! If you have houses the mass of not redone work - turn cleaning / washing / cooking into game, connect the kid, and at this time communicate with him, be interested that he thinks what he dreams of with whom he is on friendly terms that made for last day.

Never you come home angry. Having crossed a house threshold - forget about troubles and overfatigue. You want to have a rest? Watch the interesting movie together with the child, and then together discuss it.

Never do a favor to your child. If you were tired and you actually do not want to go to a zoo - postpone a campaign the next day better. Only do not violate promises. The child too literally perceives deception.

Always listen to your child - he did not see you the whole day! And, for certain, you will feel where he lies and where tells the truth. Perhaps, having listened to the kid, you obtain information for reflection and will be able to come to the rescue at the right time to it. Set it an example own frankness: tell it about the experiences, consult on it, show that you trust it and you count on his opinion.

Many fathers consider that education of the child - especially women stuff. However, without participating in education, you remove the child from yourself, having matured, he will write down you in a rank of foreign people. Your authority will be shadow for it. Whether it is worth being limited to a toy now on birthday?

To the working parents it is heavy. And it is possible to understand them. The main thing, be not afraid to make mistakes together with your child and together to correct them. Two hares actually can be caught. Persistence and slowness will help you with it.