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1. External hyperlinks. Developers of search engines tell


- We realize that the owner of a resource cannot control the references conducting on its website. But it, can accurately monitor exiles from the website. Therefore our search mechanisms and pessimize the websites in which there are reference catalogs. Too also abuse of a banner exchange concerns. Understand us correctly, we cannot throw out the websites which rose thanks to link exchange on the first positions. But in too time keep in mind

that it is good when the authoritative websites refer to your resource, and the more the better!

If purpose of your website advertizing of other websites, your partners, your clients and other. That do it very accurately, do not abuse mass transitions from the website to others.

The good example of transition from your website on another is a separate page with the description of where the visitor will get (with the description of the website to which you want to refer). Thus, you (having skillfully made the text) will increase advertizing power of this reference.

2. Site map.

the Site map is a page at which there are transitions (with the short description) on all pages of your website.

Practice shows that very few people visit cards of the websites. However this page is extremely important for search engines. Thus, we separate a heap of references from a human factor, and we will provide to the robot to deal with transitions independently.

Some authoritative search engines (for example Google), provide such mechanisms as sitemap . That is, suggest to help them with indexation of your website. Actually sitemap - it also is (roughly speaking) the card of your website.

And it works so. You send the file with data about pages which need to be indexed, and with what frequency. And the search engine, at round of your website is already guided by your instruction. Thereby you can achieve that on your website there will be no forgotten pages (even if on them there are no references from other sections of the website).

3. Honest content - Honest promotion.

B to practice I faced examples of unfair promotion of a resource more than once.

I will describe a situation in more detail. It happens so that promotion of a resource lays down on other shoulders, on the third-party companies.

Here so happened to one of the websites developed in our studio recently.

The company which undertook promotion contacted us with a request a little to modify the program mechanism that they could untwist quietly a resource by the methods.

The essence of their method consisted in the following:

- to drive as much as possible relevant words into a tag and to expect mad inflow of the population!

Believe! It will not be. This company takes

monthly money and at the same time can guarantee nothing. Takes money on the basis of the fact that works are done. And on a question of a real gain, shrugs shoulders and speaks: - specifics

Presently it is so simple not to inflate search engines. They (search mechanisms) will check all content. And if, and, also do not correspond to the actual content then about any search result out of the question.

What offered our mechanism?

In a tag we display the name of the company (the project, mission, a product ) and the Name of the publication which is placed on this page.

In a body to the page in a tag We duplicate the name of the publication.

we Provide an opportunity to make the individual description, and keywords for each page.

If you were engaged in search optimization, take for the rule Honesty . So you with guarantee will get on higher positions in search results, in comparison with the websites where contents does not correspond to declared.

Use tags in a code of pages: . Try to use semantic tags: and similar.

Addition of semantic value (thanks to application of the listed above tags) makes to your pages more sense:

your pages automatically will become (potentially) more available as auxiliary technologies will have more meta data at contents interpretation.

you can notice improvement of positions in search engines as robots of search engines will attach to contents of such pages bigger significance.

to you it will be simpler, than to the majority to exploit the corresponding microformat or a semantic web which has to appear once.

Pinchuk Evgeny,

the WEB - a programming,

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