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You happened to try Rybnik sometime? Prepare it for Christmas!

the Word - that what interesting - Rybnik. Allow to bring you up to date concerning this awfully tasty dish.

Rybniki - the traditional Russian pies especially widespread in areas of the greatest catch of fish. the low-bony fish is preferable

To them: halibut, catfish, burbot, pike perch, cod. Trout pies and salmon are especially tasty. For Rybnikov use also small fish.

Rybnik is baked of the test on wheat flour. Usually it is the closed pie in the form of a castle. The cleaned, drawn fish is stacked whole on thickly rolled dough (not less than 1 cm), pinch edges of pie, forming a decor of a seam.

Often Rybnik is given a squared shape. In that case it is necessary to divide dough into 2 parts, big less. To roll both parts, on big to lay out fish, smaller to cover and to pinch at the edges. It is important not to forget to pin Rybnik a fork and to grease with egg.

Triangular Rybnik prepare by analogy with quadrangular, only as a stuffing use forcemeat (so more convenient to fill with a stuffing triangular pie).

Small pies - rybnichka are most often filled with a little small fish, for example, the capelin. At their preparation it is necessary to leave a small opening in the center (that there was steam).

Unusual option of Rybnik - open. Its stuffing - fat fish. It becomes as usual pie, only the middle is not pinched in the center (length of a crack of about 70% of pie length). In an opening of such Rybnik pour a small amount of sour cream of average fat content - for juiciness. It is necessary to bake open Rybnik having covered with the paper wetted by water. When paper dries, it needs to be moistened again (and so to readiness of pie).

Time of baking of pie about 2 hours at a temperature of 180 - 200 degrees.

Rybnik is ready when at its stirring the fish stuffing begins to walk in pie, so to speak, to fidget in it is mute, lagging behind walls from the test.

I warn that Rybnik are tasty ONLY HOT! Cooled down, warmed up, they are not of interest even to hungry. So at once after extraction of pie wrap up it as it is possible more densely.

Eat Rybnik as an independent dish.

I advise you to prepare Rybnik (or several Rybnikov) for Christmas. You can be sure that surprise guests new dish!

I provide to you the recipe of my favourite Rybnik.

Rybnik with a pike perch

Products for Rybnik:

1 - dough: 3 glasses of flour, 1 glass of warm boiled water, 1 teaspoon of salt;

2 - a stuffing: 2 average pike perches, 2 average heads of onions, 2 tablespoons of frozen butter, ground black pepper, peppercorn, 2 bay leaves, parsley; - to grease

3 from above: 2 tablespoons of fat sour cream, 2 tablespoons of melted butter.

Preparation of Rybnik

Knead dough, roll it in a ball, leave in a flat dish for 15 - 20 minutes.

Prepare fish (it should be cleaned, drawn, removed the head, to wash out and carefully to put too much salt!) Dough take out

from a flat dish, roll layer (to 1 cm), lay out it on the baking sheet oiled sunflower, place fish on dough, strew it with onions rings, grate butter here, strew with pepper, I will merge, put bay leaf, add leaves of parsley.

Connect the opposite ends of Rybnik, a zashchipayta, give to a seam a beautiful look.

Pin pie, generously grease its surface with sour cream and bake to readiness.

After the end of preparation smear pie with melted butter, so the crust will become softer and more fragrant!

Rybnik is ready. Do not forget it to wrap up more warmly and to eat somewhat quicker!

Bon appetit!]