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Christmas pig: and you know how to cook it?

Dear hostesses! I Suggest you to please with

house and to surprise guests with the most tasty festive dish - the stuffed pig. It should be noted that pigs long since are considered as a traditional Christmas delicacy.

Products necessary for you for preparation:

1 - a pig (2 kg),

2 - 1,5kg pork or veal,

of 3 - 400 g of boiled language,

of 4 - 10 eggs,

of 5 - 200 g of pistachios,

6 - 1 a glass of milk,

of 7 - 10 g of a ground nutmeg,

of 8 - 300 g of onions, the 3rd large carrots,

9 - greens.

To prepare the stuffed pig, choose an animal of 3 - 4 weeks from the birth. Having bought a pig, do not freeze him at all! It is necessary to prepare only VERY FRESH PIG! Usually in the market pigs are on sale already drawn so consider that a half of business is made for you.

Remained only:

1 - to chop off hoofs, to oskoblit a pig, to clear, wash up under flowing water,

2 - on a stomach to vzrezat a pig lengthways from hinder legs to the head,

3 - to try to remove as much as possible bones,

4 - a belly to sew up with frequent seams (use a thick thread. Do not forget to recede from each edge not less 0,5sm that after a farshirovka the paunch did not disperse.)

5 - sewing up a stomach, in the middle of it it is necessary to leave a small opening (that there passed inside your hand),

6 - densely to rub from within a pig with salt and ground black pepper,

7 - to fill a paunch with a stuffing.

The stuffing prepares so. To grind pork or veal in the meat grinder. To add eggs and milk, it is good to stir, salt (better to put too much salt), to pepper, season with a nutmeg. To enter chopped pistachios into a stuffing. To clear the language boiled previously of a peel and, having cut in small cubes, to add to a stuffing. If you like dishes with a highlight pour in the turned-out forcemeat in cognac (1 tablespoon on 1 kg of forcemeat).


8 - to sew up the left opening,

9 - to turn in a food foil and to tie up in several places a twine,

10 - to put a pig and the bones which are taken out from it in a brazier, to pour there 3 - 4 glasses of warm boiled water, to add large rings of carrots, the crushed greens, the onions cut by rings,

11 - to put on the furnace and to cook at hardly noticeable boiling to readiness,

12 - to lay out on a baking sheet, having released from a foil, umenenno to water with broth, to place in an oven and on maximum a heat to hold 10 minutes,

13 - to take a baking sheet, plentifully to cover a pig with honey, mixed with water, and to return to an oven for 10 minutes (it will give incomparable aroma and appearance will be far more appetizing),

14 - to cool on the same baking sheet, to shift to a tray a paunch from top to bottom and to press down a press,

15 - to send a pig in the refrigerator before arrival of guests,

16 - to give at once from cold, without warming up.

Tasty to you Christmas!]