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How to find Christmas decorations as a hobby?

Today early in the morning my classmate came with callosities on fingers - cut out a multi-colored garland we try to decorate with

For creation of festive mood everything that surrounds us: windows - snowflakes, houses - garlands, branches of fir-trees - nacreous spheres. The nature paints everything snow too and paints with frosty patterns. And here bright colors and their gloss are called for a holiday. To the holiday created outside.

A as a holiday in soul?

Belief in a New Year`s Eve miracle and Christmas fairy tale?

How to create a holiday as a hobby? For it it is not enough to outline tinsel and confetti on a fir-tree. For this purpose there are others, even more pleasant ways:

1. Present heat, having pleased close people. It is worth embracing the native person in the cold winter morning, having told I love you . Make for dear person for work sausage sandwiches in the form of hearts. It is possible to make a lot of things to present a holiday to the family, and not just itself.

2. Create the fairy tale, having seen unusual in ordinary. For example, you stick together not a snowman, and the Cheburashka with large ears or an angel with wide wings.

3. Create a miracle. For someone the examination passed perfectly well, a charitable visit of orphanage, the help in implementation of dream presented to people pleasure and love is considered miracle. Let it will be a small or big, but light and pure miracle!

4. Admire beauty. Beauty of a snow-covered branch and guelder-rose in ice, a green fir-tree with bright sparks and candles on a table, frosty night and a winter morning dawn. Enjoy, you love and believe in beauty.

5. Make something unpredictable, opening new. Try to listen, for example, to music, new to you, positive reviews about which you hear from friends. Make something unexpected, pleasant, and it will surely please and will surprise.

That`s all easy ways. And if you apply them, at you not only the soul will start singing from an anticipation of New year and an unusual miracle, but also will become a little more careful, more open, more mysteriously and more happily.

Happy New year! ]