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As cheap and cool to have a rest in yellow To Anapa? P. 2. Tourist tracks of

Tourism - a separate subject and, probably, a separate genre of stay of tourists in the resort. Students, however, did not abuse trips to various sights. Saved money yes placed emphasis on discos. We actively traveled: to the Sea of Azov to mud volcanoes (Trizdar), to Novorossiysk, to Gelendzhik, in Adygei Lago - Naki.

Unlike the Crimea Anapa cannot brag of the bright brands which are already postponed in consciousness. There were, however, in the offered assortment also loud tourist baits, type of Yalta, Abkhazia, Kerch. But they seemed to us are expensive. For example, one-day travel to Yalta cost about 3500 rubles on one.

In general the level of tourist service in the Ukrainian Crimea seemed to us 10 times more, than in ridny To Anapa. In any case, excepting any natural nuances and differences, we are not able to remember any puncture with the Ukrainian travel agencies. With Anapa attendants Odyssey they were continually: that group will not be collected and not be reported in time, time of a trip will be transferred, will be late for half an hour, important information on a trip will be forgotten to be told.

To honor of residents of Anapa, all - it is necessary to tell that it the failure attitude towards tourists was not observed. Moreover, we on own skin were convinced that representatives of travel agencies will not deny the assistance. When one our girl, on heedlessness, forgot the precious bathing accessories in the bus (groaned as if the bathing suit was from Cardin!) the next day, by the first inquiry, the precious thing in a festive atmosphere was returned to a rasteryasha.

Of course, the strongest contribution to the general image of tourist`s service of Anapa is made by guides. In view of too frequent appeal to services of various travel agencies during the rest, we could get acquainted with the most various types of representatives of this never-dying profession and we are able to afford to make which - what generalizations.

In - the first, accurately it is necessary to divide the woman`s type - the guide and the man - the guide. The first are, as a rule, sensitive to any to volitions the wards, all work completely seek to load as much as possible any tourists with information and impressions. The second are more pragmatic, prudent, quite often concentrate attention on own I can frankly fake. To us the certain Alexey accompanying us in the hero town of Novorossiysk was remembered. Not only that the bus was late for half an hour, he also tried to close up as soon as possible all program, without giving to tea to drink to eat, in a toilet to descend moreover and slightly was rude at the same time. In total at speed, at speed! Why?! It was necessary to get rid quicker of one group and to pass to another. Grandmas do not wait!

In - the second, it is necessary to distinguish guides who keep the program let and qualitatively, but not too being interested in personal features of those who sit in the bus. Tell and tell, looking in huge front windows of the vehicle. Full authenticity. But others, on the contrary, aspire also the place in the bus to choose so that to see bright eyes of interlocutors. So to us the representative of " firm was remembered; Visit Alexander Fedorovich. All road from Anapa to Gelendzhik he only overacted. Told baizes, stories, jokes, in every possible way yumorit and set on. The indelible impression was left by his sentimental story about the old man with the old woman, tried rejuvenating water from one Anapa source. And the old man who found a source took only three sips, having dumped years so sixty and having turned into the slender, flexible young man who was easily moving on the mountains. The old woman neglected safety measures and got drunk to the fact that she turned into the pink-checked, helpless baby. What it was necessary to do to the old man? To adopt the ex-wife and, having picked up itself the girl, again to marry.

But as Alexander Fedorovich was not good, to the middle of a trip it obviously handed over, and by the end and the remained energy of this man, large on dimensions, expired in the unknown direction. But formalists saving on sincere " gasoline; could conduct excursion, till the end remaining in good sportswear.

However, to all guides, met on our way in Anapa, many thanks. Taught that is called to mind - reason. Without them we so also did not experience this region up to the end.]