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How to cease to be afraid of doctors, or the Cuckoo - a cuckoo how many I needed to live?

When we with my elder brother were small, all of us time argued - what physical pain more terrible? I always claimed that tooth most painfully hurts (excuse for a tautology). So still I in panic am afraid of the stomatologist. The habitual fear since the childhood of anticipation of pain in a chair made the business.

But even with the most severe pain I enter an office of the therapist, gynecologist, surgeon, oculist, ENT specialist surely. Also I know that in independence of length and intensity of a course of treatment, everything will be good. It is worth expanding to the stomatologist at the first survey eyes - at me phobias right there develop: all teeth are not suitable, are not subject to treatment. And, despite assurances of the doctor that I have only one superficial caries, at me hands shiver, the head is turned, tears run and the hiccups begins.

Whether it is worth being afraid of doctors and it is optimistical to treat the made diagnoses?

Someone, having heard in the address a sentence to treatment will be upset, but right there will ask: what to do? Whether there is a chance of an absolute recovery? Will consult at several experts, will compare the conclusions, will change the way of life. And someone, having heard definition chronic breaks hands, writhes in hysterics and tears hair on the head. This mental disorder which begins with fading of mood and develops into uncontrollable fear of people in white dressing gowns.

The following stage of fear is a studying of the medical encyclopedia and pririsovka to all symptoms of diseases described in it. And then, being afraid to go on an appointment, the person begins to be treated independently, trying on himself all advertizing novelties of the world of drugstores and by that aggravating the disease (I fly teeth only after three nights are tormented with analginum, lotions from fat, various broths and plots).

What is advised by psychologists in that case?

So, at you something ached and you need to consult at the doctor (it is NECESSARY!!!) :

1. For a start remember that the doctor - not God and if he begins to doubt correctness of the diagnosis, it does not mean that you at deaths door. Plus to everything the doctor the same person, as well as you, with the mood, problems therefore not always it can console you and encourage.

2. So if the doctor hinted or muffledly explained you the suspicion, ask again: That is, you meant that at me... .

3. If you do not like reaction of the doctor to the conclusion of your inspection, tell it: It seemed to me, you remained are dissatisfied with results. As far as it is dangerous? .

4. Do not irritate the doctor with silly questions: How many years I still will live? I already what, I die?

5. Do not go for the conflict, you do not shout The Doctor to cure me is your debt! . I remind, the doctor not God. But if you also really doubt competence of the doctor treating you - thank him for reception better and address other expert.

And, please, be not charged extra on the Internet pseudoscientific articles about complications of your disease. I long could not calm down, having read that the erosion is a precancer state. It was necessary to overpersuade and calm me long.

To trust - not to believe these or those statements - it is necessary to graduate at least from the medical institute and to receive qualification. Forces will be useful to you to cope with a disease. Therefore do not spend them for hysterics. Concentrate and start fight against the diagnosis!