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What history of a New Year`s card?

the Greeting card - small, but very important element of any holiday, it creates the unique atmosphere of a celebration and even many years later is capable to revive in our memory the forgotten holiday long ago. And the New Year`s card is capable to transfer to everyone who received it, wonderful feeling of the fairy tale, a miracle and the childhood.

the Progenitress of a Christmas card are often called by medieval engravings with the image of Christian motives. They were sold by church attendants and pilgrims at rather high price, with such engravings decorated houses and handed to relatives and friends for Easter and Christmas. After a while on engravings began to draw the most different pictures and began to use them as invitation cards on various celebrations.

Something remind New Year`s cards and peculiar business cards which more than one thousand years ago residents of China sent those who could not be visited for a holiday. On these cards there was no drawing, they were red color and on them wrote kind wishes.

Nevertheless it is considered that the custom to give for Christmas of a card arose in England. The first New Year`s card was created by the English artist Dobson in 1794. It represented on it a snow-covered winter forest and a happy family near a fir-tree. And the first New Year`s congratulation was sent by mail by Englishman Henry Cole in 1843. And he asked the friend John Gersli to draw a New Year`s card. Its drawing, a winter landscape, was used as a sample of a Christmas card, and from it printed the first party of cards.

From England New Year`s cards came also to Russia. To our country brought ready cards without inscription, congratulations were written by calligraphers therefore such card cost considerable money.

In 1874 the World postal union which established the international standard size of a card of 9x14 cm was founded. The majority of the states were guided by this requirement, in Russia cards became the real work of art, and art, as it is known does not know a clear boundary. They became fine decoration of an interior, made out them as pictures, collected, pasted in the well-known albums. It is possible to tell safely that cards of pre-revolutionary Russia were not worse than refined modern: they were decorated dried with flowers, beads, spangles from boric acid which looked as the real snow, and even flavored.

Among plots of Christmas cards images of old Russian fortune-telling and ceremonies, boundless coniferous forests and snow-covered country izbas, gold-domed churches, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden on the dashing three of horses, the cheerful kids playing snowballs and building a snowman, of course, beautiful angels prevailed. As images for cards often used pictures of the famous Russian artists Leon Bakst and Alexandre Benois. According to some historians, the great artist Nikolay Karazin was a creator of the first Russian New Year`s card.

October revolution, unfortunately, destroyed already finally developed and fallen in love tradition to give New Year`s and Christmas cards and to decorate a Christmas tree in houses. Even any mentions of favourite winter holidays were forbidden.

And in days of the Great Patriotic War the tradition of New Year`s cards began to revive. So, in December, 1941 " publishing house; Art let out special cards for a parcel on the front.

New Year`s cards of this period helped soldiers and their families to believe in a victory, united people, instead of usual wishes wrote such inscriptions: New Year`s hi to heroic defenders of the Homeland! Happy New Year, companions fighters, commanders and political workers! For the sake of the Homeland forward, on full defeat of the enemy! . Artists worked only with two flowers - red and black to accelerate process of the press, and, naturally, images of military subject prevailed: new weapon and even portraits of heroes: Chapayeva, Kotovsk. In 1945 the Russian military personnel who is in the territory of the freed Europe began to send beautiful import New Year`s cards to our country, and the new stage in development of a domestic Christmas card so began.

1960 - e years - the real blossoming of a New Year`s card. Along with habitual motives, modern plots on space exploration, development the technician began to appear. For example, Father Frost carried the gifts by plane or the space rocket.

Then on cards began to represent the Kremlin chiming clock and joyful families meeting New year at the Red Square.

It is possible to find the most different New Year`s and Christmas cards in modern shops: both in Russian, and in English languages, executed in retro style and musical, made according to east calendar. All of them are perfectly issued, beautiful already written kind wishes It is important only not to forget to send a greeting card , as to old kind times, by mail, with a small gift - to the one who is dear to you.]