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Than to entertain guests on the Christmas-tide? Part 2 - podblyudny songs of

In the previous article it was told about Christmas fortune-telling which can be carried out also in modern conditions - when to get the real poker, a log or coals it is problematic, and here books, hairbrushes and towels are quite available.

Today we will talk about guessing which is the best of all to carrying out by the big company of youth of both sexes.

It begins traditionally - guests settle in the big warm room, candles are lit, on a table the entertainment and a big copper, a tub is put, at the worst, the bucket, a pan or a box - does not matter if only this vessel was rather capacious. In a copper it is necessary to outline small pieces of bread (it is possible to use crackers), stones or pieces of clay, and then to suggest each guest to put in it some small bagatelle belonging to it - a ring, hours, a bracelet, an ear ring, the handle, a handkerchief at whom that will be.

After all objects are put in a copper, they need to be mixed, covered properly a copper with a towel and arranges to execute the laudatory anthem to sponsors of all this disgrace - that is to the sun and bread thanks to which, in general, all proteinaceous life on the planet as if and exists and even fortune-telling.

Then one person who will pull out bagatelles from a copper gets out. At first the podblyudny song is amicably sung - them hundreds are known and to execute them, it is not necessary to have ear for music and outstanding vocal skills. At the end of each song such words increase:

And to whom we sang, to that the good,

to Whom will be taken out, to that will come true, to That

will come true, is not passed!

Then the chosen person dips a hand into a copper and pulls out first to it a bagatelle. Whose bagatelle is pulled out - just sung song will for this purpose be executed. So repeats until all bagatelles are not pulled out from a copper.

There are some podblyudny songs grouped in sense.

By a marriage or a marriage:

As the cat klicht a koshurka in a small stove to sleep:

You go, my koshurka, in a small stove to sleep,

U me, at a cat, there is a sklyanitsa of wine,

the cat Has a sklyanitsa of wine and the end of pie,

U me, and a postel is soft .

I will dissolve a kvashenka on a bottom. I will deliver to

Ya a kvashenka on a stolbushka.

Ya I will cover a kvashenka with a black sable,

I Will surround a kvashenka with red gold.

You ascend, my kvashenka, full - is full,

Full - is full, with edges is equal.

The smith, the smith, me hold down a wreath!

From obrezochok zolot a ring!

As to me that wreath venchatisya,

As that ring obruchatisya!

Grain on a velvet slid whether

Still that grain burmitsky, Was arrived by

grain to a yakhont.

Is large pearls with yakhonty,

Are good the groom with the bride!

As in the sky two rainbows,

At the rich man two pleasures:

I it the son - that marries, the daughter gives in marriage!

Jumps gruzdochek on an elnichka,

Looks for gruzdochek a belyanochka.

Not gruzdochek jumps - the noble son,

Not of the belyanochka looks for - dvoryanochka.

The falcon from the street,

My dear from another flies.

Were flown, kissed

Grey wings embraced.

To the rich husband:

The pearl is cattle!

To what to you come,

Is time for you be rolled out by

to Princes and boyars on a hat.

By a marriage and departure:

Charochka, a poplyvushechka,

To what to you doplavat?

Is time for you and to come up, to Princes and boyars wine to bring


To departure:

There are sledge equipped

I a cavity covered,

Only to get into sledge and poyekhat.

To wealth:

The pike went from Novagorod,

She a tail dragged from Bela lakes,

As on a pike a scale silver,

That silver - gilded,

A a head at it covered.

There is a smith from a smithy,

Shubenka on it of a hudekhonk, -

A of all do not have

One - a floor in hundred rubles,

A another of a floor in one thousand, - a price shubenka;

the Price - that to it at the tsar in treasury,

At the tsar in treasury, in a gold chest!

To execution of desire:

On a trough I sit, I wait for self-interest,

Ya still I will sit, and still I will wait.

I I lo and behold - poglyad - self-interest outside,

Self-interest outside, hundred rubles on a table.

not to marry (to marry) this year:

I on an oven sit, I carry debts of a thread,

I still I will sit, and still I will move.