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Than to entertain guests on the Christmas-tide? Part 1 - fortune-telling different, liquid and gaseous

the Christmas-tide is the period between Christmas and the Epiphany which on new style begins 6 - go January, and comes to an end 19 - go January. In the middle there is Vasilyev day - now it on January 14, the first day of old New year.

The first half of the Christmas-tide - ridiculous, or sacred evenings. The second half - evil spirit and even vessels with water it is impossible to leave terrible evenings when creeps out of all cracks for the night not covered - the evil ghost can get there.

Guessing (married, of course, any more not before - children, the house, pans) which types especially for this case there is a set becomes the main entertainment in Christmas evenings for young unmarried young ladies.

To create the atmosphere, young ladies gather in the certain room in the greatest possible quantity, light candles, draw the laid-up in advance Christmas attributes from different corners and begin

Guessing on a ring, bread and a hook : the listed three things are put in a vessel together with bread pieces, pieces of coal, stones and other small objects. The vessel is covered with a towel then each young lady without looking drags the first thing (pulled out then return in a vessel). If pulls out bread - the husband will be rich if a ring - the handsome if a hook - the disabled person or the poor.

Guessing on sticks is carried out by a similar way. Three sticks - blue, red and white, - are located in a vessel. For the first time drag, defining a solvency of future husband. The red stick means rich, white - sufficient, blue - the poor. For the second time investigate its external data: red - the handsome, white - usual, blue - ugly or with physical defects.

Guessing on bulbs is carried out so: all girls take on a bulb and place them backs in water then observe - whose bulb will give green boring earlier, to that girl to be married earlier.

Guessing on dogs . The girl remains in the room one then there let in a dog. If the dog runs up to the girl at once, family life will be happy if begins to smell at first a floor - the husband will be angry, and family life - unfortunate if the dog begins to caress - and the husband will be tender.

Guessing on towels . For a window hung out for night of a towel - whose by the morning it will be damp, to that girl this year to be married.

Guessing on names of passersby . It is necessary to leave the house and to call to the first met male person, having asked as his name. What name will tell - and will call future husband.

Guessing on a shoe . Girls threw out a shoe or a shoe for house gate. In what party a sock the shoe will fall, in that party and the girl to be married. If the shoe falls a sock to the house, then this year the girl will not marry.

Guessing on a hairbrush . Before going to bed the girl puts under a pillow a hairbrush with the words The Promised, masked, come and comb to me hair . If in a dream sees how the man combs it hair, then this year to be married to that person who dreamed.

Guessing on talk . Went to overhear under windows at neighbors and that heard, judged future marriage. If in a log hut quarreled - that the husband will be angry if laughed - the merry fellow if drank - the drunkard, etc.

Guessing according to the book . For this purpose the book undertakes and each girl in turn asks a question, and then calls number of the page and a line (from below or from above) where the answer contains. The answer is read in the book. Works of classics of the Russian literature remarkably are suitable for guessing (only more accurately with Dostoyevsky! And here Tolstoy or Pushkin are simply ideal). It is better to formulate a question so that it assumed the developed answer, but not yes - no .

Cheerful to you Christmas!]