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Sandwiches. Quickly? Tasty!

It is known that under Murphy`s law bread and toast always land butter or jam side down. Also Nicolaus Copernicus invented it. There is such version.

Fans of separate food categorically against sandwich - proteins, fats and carbohydrates in one bottle . And still not to do without sandwich. The most widespread option - sausage sandwich.

In my moneybox of recipes of sandwiches a huge number. I share the finds.

Hot " sandwich; From Lily .

the Most surprising that for such type of fast having a snack bread is better to take yesterday`s. Then sandwich will be integral. Will not collapse. This recipe has an author. Lilia Leonidovna. It once worked in our cafe. Her hands created remarkable dishes. The simplest okroshka had taste divine. And pies melted in the mouth. Behind hot sandwiches from Lily there were turns. Two such slices - and you are full till the evening.

We cut off a slice of white long loaf. We put two half moons of boiled sausage. It is better if Doctor`s or Dairy . Even sausages, sausages will go. They need to be cut lengthways and to clear a skin. Further on a layer of sausage we do a reshetochka of mayonnaise. From above we fill up everything with grated cheese. If you put just two plates of cheese - both taste, and a form of sandwich will become others. Make such experiment. In total. Preparation is finished. Now we send them to the microwave oven - the furnace or to an oven. In a microwave it is necessary to set the mode a grill. You watch the child. Time depends on opportunities of a plate or the furnace. Readiness of sandwiches is determined by the cheese crust baked from above. Do not overdo! Sausage and mayonnaise remain inside, from above a cap of toasted cheese. The juicy stuffing and a crisp will make your dish unforgettable. Time minimum - a taste maximum!

If in advance, since evening to prepare for Mazyuki on bread different mazyuk on bread, in the morning you will need only to smear sandwiches and to make coffee. The breakfast is ready. Options of these namazok can be the most different. Everything depends on the size of your purse, contents of your refrigerator and your economy. Thought in advance - the tasty breakfast is guaranteed.

Options namazok.

1. Jar of sardines (saury, sprat and t. e), small cut onions (or without it, parsley or fennel), 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. You knead.

2. 250 grams of cottage cheese, small cut olives, 100 grams of soft oil, a teaspoon of a sweet paprika. Salt, pepper. We mix everything.

3. Liver pate + greens.

4. Fresh eggs, processed cheese, onions. We mix. Maj on long loaf also we put on a frying pan the smeared party.

5. Sheep cheese, mashed potatoes, greens, fried onions.

It is only a few options. Your imagination will prompt one hundred others.

Sandwiches on a competition.

It is very simple to b to turn

invention specialty sandwiches in a competition on the most ridiculous or most unusual sandwich. Involve in this game of the house. How many interesting discoveries you will make!

Smear a piece of white long loaf with oil or processed cheese. It is preparation. And now - full revelry of the imagination. From vegetables, sausage, greens, fish or meat it is possible to build the most various cheerful sandwiches. Mugs, animals, birdies, small fishes, any amusing bagatelles. Suggest to play such game to children. Appetite will be played!

Sandwich Sun.

the Slice of bread to smear with butter with ketchup (or herring, kilechny oil). From above - a fennel branch. Circle of boiled egg in the middle. Rays of chopped protein depart from it. Let there will always be a sun!

Children`s sandwiches.

On bread and butter to lay out pieces of vegetables eyes, ears, a muzzle of some animal or the little man. It is possible to make a tail of greens.

It already as the hint to a sandwich-type competition.


It is very simple Mediterranean snack in preparation. Consists of the toast fried in a grill and a namazka. The simplest bruschetta - the toast fried on olive oil rubbed with garlic.

Slightly more difficult. We fry slices of white loaf on a frying pan or in a toaster. Still hot it is watered with olive oil. Sweet pepper and onions is cut by half rings, we fry to softness in olive oil. To spread out to fried slices of bread. From above to strew with pine nuts and grated cheese parmesan (or any other firm cheese). It is very tasty!

In Italy bruschetta with tomatoes is served as anti-paste. A slice of the fried bread plus small cut fresh tomatoes. With salt and pepper. Sprinkled by olive oil. Simpler does not happen. But it is delightful!

Create! Let everything at you surely will turn out!]