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How to tempt the witness at a wedding?

Married itself - help another - the popular wedding poster says. Well, and time so - help yourself without departing from cash desk, that is directly at a wedding. You - lonely, but very attractive young person among the invited guests. And you need the best man on light - on smaller you do not agree.

Who the most popular man at a wedding? Correctly, groom. You though it is hefty attractive, but you will not take a sin on soul. So be adjusted on production, the second for popularity, - the witness.

Reception No. 1. Hook on it

For a start - it is necessary to get acquainted. At a wedding it is simple to make it: help it with some competition or invite to dance. The main thing - to make friends and let to it know that in all witness tortures from now on there is to it a help.

Reception No. 2. Talk to it

of the Man in general like to chat. Especially in a state of intoxication. Attentively listen and support by short phrases its long monologue about the achievements (imaginary, real, future). Subsequently he will remember how long you then talked, without paying attention that he talked generally. And in general, the woman who does not argue with the man and periodically exclaims Well it is necessary! Never would think! this last subject of desire will consider without fail clever . Clever women are pleasant to all.

Reception No. 3. The rule of a mirror

during conversation try to reflect specularly a pose in which there is your interlocutor. For God`s sake, it is not necessary to copy all movements completely. It is enough to display a silhouette: for example, to sit down half-turned the same as your satellite. It will subconsciously dispose it to you. Do not forget only that it is necessary to adopt the provision specularly.

Reception No. 4. Your force - in your weakness

Sprain a leg, complain of fatigue, prick a finger, lose a shoe, at last! It is good if you know in what branch your nonrandom elect works: then it is possible to ask at it the long-term help. Thus, chances to meet after a wedding increase three times. Besides, in such situation to call the first will not look bad manners. Well, you cannot install the necessary program in any way (to repair the crane, to rasshchemit a nerve in a back, to translate a brief from English, to pull out a splinter - necessary to emphasize)!

Reception No. 5. The return previous

In conversation (see Reception No. 1) you incidentally learn that it urgently needs some thing. Certain. About a miracle! Wonderfully you have it. And absolutely - absolutely to you it is not necessary. What? Well, of course, you are ready to borrow it for a while.

Reception No. 6. Stroked - depart

of the Man - hunters. They like to catch up with the escaping game. After the first bridge to heart of the witness is thrown, do not hurry to throw the second. Leave also to it an opportunity to kick a ball. Dance with other men, chat with girlfriends, as if without noticing its presence. It is possible to look fleetingly at it, to smile and look away, carefree continuing maiden chatter.

Reception No. 7. The indifference will not leave indifferent

Any yours yes has to turn in can be . When to you as though all the same, he goes crazy from desire to hear yes . Also will do everything possible that it yes to hear. And only it it is also necessary to us!

Reception No. 8. Finishing - warning

Marriage night - for spouses. And you for the present guests on others holiday of life. Oversleep with it in the first night - there will be no happiness to you. The man though will keep the lightest memoirs, but sex - the partner on once can consider you. But you apply for the serious relations, the truth?