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How to bake a zebra?

This recipe got to me in the difficult and confused ways which I already managed to forget strongly. Be not frightened - the purpose of this article not in forcing you to love heartily the horse-flesh and products supporting her at all. And you should not chase week the mentioned horse-flesh on the savanna with the gun on a shoulder and the whole minibus of instructors on a safari.

Zebra dear readers, is a pie.

It is quite possible to prepare it, without leaving our great and mighty and having all those ingredients which after short New Year`s Eve fight are bought in the nearest grocery store.

At all the simplicity, pie makes indelible impression on those who eat it for the first time. Approximately here it: Looks beautifully and as it is made - unclear! But about everything one after another.

It will be necessary for preparation of pie for you:

2 glasses of flour,

1 glass of sugar,

of 4 crude eggs,

1 pack of margarine or butter,

4 tablespoons of cocoa - powder,

a pinch of salt,

½ teaspoon of soda,


vanillin or vanilla sugar.

The last three positions - optionally.

It is necessary to begin with search of a capacious bowl or a pan - surely iron and enameled, - in which it is necessary to plane oil or margarine. The bowl - a pan is put on a plate on average fire and under your sensitive supervision is to a full melting of oil there. It is attentively necessary to watch that oil did not begin to boil and did not begin to burn.

When in a bowl liquid is formed, remove it from a plate, let`s cool down a little and pour sugar and salt. Mix, hammer eggs and again mix to the most uniform state. Then extinguish soda a small amount of vinegar and send to the same bowl then again carefully mix.

Pour flour into the last turn. It is necessary to do it accurately, slowly, without ceasing to stir dough that in it lumps were not formed. The smetanoobrazny mass of color of a boiled egg yolk (maybe more darkly) has to become the end result.

It is necessary to divide dough into two identical parts further. At will it is possible to add vanillin or vanilla sugar (without it it turns out tasty too) to one of them. In the second - cocoa - powder. Also slowly and carefully to mix that the second half gained uniform chocolate color.

Now prepare a baking dish: grease it with fat and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs.

Having armed with two tablespoons - one in a basin with the light test, another with chocolate, - perform the following simple operations: at first scoop a spoon of the light test and splash it in the middle of a form, then scoop a spoon of the chocolate test and splash in the middle of a form from above on the previous layer. This cycle needs to be repeated until dough in both basins does not reach a limit.

Under own weight dough blurs in a form, gradually filling it completely. But if you observed all proportions, then layers do not mix up and the picture turns out quite striped.

Dough has to settle several minutes then the form is placed in the oven heated to temperature about 200 degrees Celsius. Process of roasting of a zebra continues 20 - 40 minutes - for check of readiness it is possible to puncture pie with a fork or a toothpick.

Cool a ready dish, lay out on a dish and cut on pieces - striped cuts especially beautifully look. Guests will estimate.

Appetite pleasant to you!]