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Instruction for real boys or 90 - ye left, and clowns remained. (Part 1) of


All know that in the nineties in Russia there was a wild rise in crime. There were new layers of society, such as newly appeared businessmen in crimson jackets, and also those who their krysheva is mobsters in leather jackets. All these types became popular characters of jokes, and soon consigned to the past, but it in the central part of Russia. And on the periphery of our immense homeland such characters still remained. So to say directly not same, but similar to them. Directly in my city it is mediocre bandits, such layer between street punks and serious authorities. As a rule, it is young people of years of twenty - thirty which earned to themselves already term, but did not earn on the good car and the apartment. And so what you read now it is the satirical description of their way of life in style of informative transfer. It is a series of articles - the description of the vital principles of these representatives of society.

Part one. Elastic.

In separate article wants to be allocated as these individuals handle money.

Any boy respecting himself (namely so they call themselves irrespective of age) has to carry money on an elastic, but not everything is so simple as it seems.

On an elastic can carry a pile of money not less than 20 - ti notes. But also there are nuances. The number of notes in a pack (it " cutlet;) has to correspond to their advantage. The table " is given below; " cutlet Thickness;.

The advantage of the note

the Quantity in a pack

1000p Not less than 20

500p Not less than 30

100p Not less than 40

50p Not less than 50

Special chic is considered to carry a roll of money more than from hundred notes (it is natural on an elastic band). There is a separate wish to discuss money of 10 rubles. Let`s begin with that. that for these companions it is not money at all. To carry on an elastic band " cutlet; from ten-ruble notes it is considered a bad form, presence of two - three strongly crumpled " is considered correct; chervonets in a pocket. Also it is necessary to mention an iron trifle. ATTENTION!!!

If you want to be such as these children, then all trifle has to be stored in a glove compartment the car (or others), but not in which case should not ring in a pocket. Maybe you ask: From where these children have so much money? . Here it is worth mentioning such feature, these guys always carry with themselves all money which is available for them. Just as the rule is not their money, but their bosses who use real boys as a walking purse. Probably you had to see in night clubs or at restaurants more than once as Tabako pays for the Shirkhan.

we will talk about that Now as it is necessary to behave if the elastic (God forbid of course) tore. It is necessary to take a pack and if money is spread out on advantage - to mix, crumple in a hand and to put in a pocket of trousers.

needs to Count money so. If money on an elastic band, then loudly rustling it is counted the necessary sum. If money for any reason without elastic band, then we throw out a lump of money for a counter / a bar counter and we suggest the seller / bartender to take how many it is necessary. finally we will notice

I that use of such achievements of mankind as a purse and a clip for money, is punished very strictly.

On it everything, in the following part we will discuss as where also with whom earn money real boys and as well as what they are spent for.]