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As suffer youngest from starshenky ? I had to feel

, How many time in the childhood on not frayed " yet; to a skin any influences of my elder sister! And as it is frequent, after the next portion of tricks, I with rage thought that sometime there will come time to recoup for everything.

My sister is more senior than me for three years. Now, when we have already some for... this difference is imperceptible, but, oh, as it disturbs when to you only four - five - six years. Of course, there were many tears, but also not without cheerful.

Somehow time mother gave to Victoria (my starshenky sister) a task: to wash the dishes, and seven were it then years or about that, and me, therefore, about four. Having seen that I am busy with nothing, Vika decided to correct this injustice and asked me to wipe dust from the cactuses which are peacefully growing in pots on a window sill. I blew off dust from sharp needles and, of course, pricked. It is that and my artful sister waited!

- What, painfully? - somehow frighteningly - she tenderly asked.

- Of course, painfully! - I answered, having a presentiment of something.

- And cactuses in our house do not heat me!!! - with pride it continued.

- Why it?

- I with all is familiar with them for a long time. You want, I will acquaint? They also will cease to prick you.

Yes, at that moment I was ready for everything for the sake of such privilege - personal acquaintance to house cactuses! But I the sixth sense scented that I not for just like that, and was right! From me just it was required to wash the dishes instead of my sister. And only after that I was presented to each cactus with words: Vit, get acquainted - it is a cactus. The cactus, ponakomsya is Vit. Horror!!!

Or here if it is necessary to check - whether there will be enough hill length to sweep on it and not to crash into the house. Who is ready? Of course, younger brothers and sisters. I after that test of day three stayed at home as the cone very much hurt the size about plum which jumped out on my forehead together with stars of eyes, but gradually fell down, gradually turning into two finishes under eyes.

Once in the fall when on counters of shops apples appeared much, pears, water-melons and other useful vegetables and fruit (it is all in bulk now, there would be money, and then - to each fruit - the time), mother bought the whole box of grapes. Probably, for a zakrutok for the winter, but it is not important. It left purchase and left for work, having reminded us that we at first have dinner, and then grapes were tasted. Business was closer to a lunch.

As soon as mother left, we - to a box. Ate on one branch, then on one, and then still, about a lunch, of course, none of us and remembered. It became dullish to my sister just like that grapes to burst, she also thought up in Princesses to play. And who in this situation princess? Correctly!!! Starshenkaya of course, and youngest the role of servants got, however, nothing surprising, I then implicitly submitted to it.

So it was pleasant to the princess of the instruction to distribute that I only also managed to wash yes with bow of this to madam to carry a cluster behind a cluster, well, and about herself did not forget. Here the girlfriend Vikina came, cares at me increased as they together began to exploit me now. Business approached evening, stomachs at us were inflated, to pant even was.

Mother came. She comes on kitchen, looks at an empty box and asks: And grapes - that where? . We began to tell in eager rivalry how we played, played and played, to see! Poor mother all night long did not close eyes, thought that to us it will become bad. Still! Nearly ten kilograms of grapes of an uporola!

There were also such cases when for the sake of self-affirmation my elder sister unfairly punished me, but, looking back, I all - am not sorry about anything, we had a happy childhood. I was lucky, I have a sister whom I very much love.

At all times youngest suffer from starshenky the problem only that this period occupies someone only a childhood, and someone suffers all life.

There is also such example among my acquaintances. My neigbour, still the young woman, lives alone. And all - that at it, apparently, is normal: the apartment the, favourite work, looks good. I asked it somehow why she does not marry? She also told me that except the elder brother it in this world has nobody. They were left without parents long ago, and the brother undertook all efforts. Coped with any problems, did everything for the benefit of younger sister.

They grew up, successful people became. Liouba (my neigbour) had grooms different, but not she resolved an issue: to be to a wedding or not. And the elder brother of Lyubochka placed such great demands that from all applicants nobody approached. And so also suffers from excessive care of the brother.

Of course, people different and opinions there is exactly so much how many people in this world. Someone also did not begin to listen to such brother and would brakosochetatsya so many time how many fell in love. And someone from gratitude and respect for all good is reconciled with all whims of the benefactor.

Only, I think if something or someone prevents you to live as you want, then it is necessary to solve this problem immediately, life at us one and it is necessary to live it so that was not excruciatingly painful...]