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New Year`s celebration: let`s remember good traditions and rituals? You Remember

how in the childhood, feeling approach of New year, the soul as if faded and listened... This approach concealed in itself something fascinating and magic. We impatiently considered days. And in the morning, in THAT day, fussy span - about a table, in front of the mirror, around a New Year tree, correcting rain and the cotton wool which is carefully spread out at the bottom serving as snow. And then, having taken seat on a cozy sofa, dreamed on a subject - what gift was prepared by Father Frost this year?

And now we grew up and we know that Father Frost does not exist. But matter not only in it! It is important to be able to keep in itself that pleasant feeling familiar since the childhood, light nervousness... - feeling that you cross some very important boundary and under a striking of a clock and clinking of glasses you are dipped into the fairy tale. And in many families all greatness of a holiday, this thrill of anticipation of a miracle managed to keep. And all thanks to old good traditions and rituals.

Of course, the most known and honourable of them is decoration of a New Year tree and furniture of a holiday table. And it, really, not prosy routine efforts, but the most real rituals. And, at the correct approach and knowledge of business you derive from them big pleasure. Christmas balls of all flowers and shades are carefully put on shaggy fir-tree paws, " cones; and icicles - too invited guests. And nothing if the toy incidentally slipped out hands and fell, having scattered on small splinters - fortunately! By the way, here to incidents found it convenient permission - in the form of balls from plastic. However, pleasure doubtful. Certainly, their look - not at once you will distinguish that, and here when you hold in palms, here where you feel a difference - glass spheres conceal in themselves memory of the childhood, the atmosphere of the real New Year`s mood! Only still it is necessary to find them - the real rarity on present counters...

The last stroke in creation of a festive picture - a garland and New Year`s sparks on fir-tree branches. It is a high time to turn off light and to look, as everything works . The soul rejoices - blows as such kindness from contemplation of the decorated New Year`s fir-tree. Not therefore whether what the kind spirit of the woods lives in coniferous branches? In any case quite so residents of Germany from time immemorial considered. So the tradition to decorate a fir-tree in every sense it is possible to call dobra. the Fir-tree is dressed up, and the table is pleasing to the eye abundance of festive dishes. And it too with an ulterior motive - the rich holiday table, according to an ancient belief, has to provide prosperity and wellbeing to a family for all forthcoming year. By the way, as entertainment at a New Year`s table it is possible to borrow one lovely tradition from residents of Australia and Scotland. They fill pies surprises . You will cut - you learn what waits for you. The coin got - you will grow rich, a rose branch - will fall in love.

And what to put on a celebration? Too it is necessary to approach it intelligently. Many believe that in New year you will sport continually in new things if you put on a holiday absolutely new suit or a dress, well and footwear, certainly... And here one more very popular tradition, by the way, useful in every sense - before a meeting of New year needs to be exempted from all negative, to finish the left unfinished affairs hanging dead freight . It is unsurprising that people seek to distribute debts, to resolve the conflicts and quarrels, to be cleared of evil thoughts - not to drag all this wealth in a year future. By the way, Italians especially succeeded in it. To ritual of disposal of all sad and bad, collected in a year, they approach with all responsibility. And too literally. At midnight on December 31 they throw out from windows old things - whether it be ware or furniture. So, noting New year in Italy, protect the heads!

One more pleasant ritual accompanying a holiday, seemingly, soon will sink into oblivion. And all thanks to modern technologies. Well to whom will come to mind today to sign a New Year`s card with own hand when it is possible to send it by e-mail or to send, having used the mobile phone? And in vain... Remember how it was pleasant to ourselves to receive on the eve of New year the gifts from relatives topped with festive cards where through a feather ink removed the most sincere wishes of happiness? Agree, in this sense electronic cards are more similar to a such tribute on duty to etiquette. Whereas the card which can be turned in hands comprises something bigger. By the way, the tradition of New Year`s cards came to us from England in the middle of the 18th century. Well, this custom needed only to endure a century of new technologies and not to be forgotten.

One of modern traditions, only - only gaining steam - to create the detailed forecast for the future year. It becomes so: guests write on a sheet of paper what they see the forthcoming year - all the expectations, hopes and plans. Then leaves are put in a bottle from - under the drunk champagne. Thus exactly in a year there will be an opportunity to sum up the forecast results, to draw conclusions.

Of course, all want in New year of one - happiness, for each miscellaneous, in own way desired. Japanese, by the way, in this respect have the special tradition - to stock up on New Year`s Eve with a rake. For what? That this happiness was what to get! Correctly, why to be modest in the inquiries? Same New year, so, has to bring all the newest and good...

For now it hurries to each house, still there is time to get cardboard boxes with toys, to choose gifts and to sign cards to friends and... to stock up with a rake, and it is better a couple!]