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What is cellulose and pectins? For what they are necessary?

As well as many people presently, I am fond of a balanced diet. And all because it is more pleasant to eat apple or carrot instead of a tablet, and disappears need to go on doctors. The balanced diet with use of natural products provides us good health and preservation of health. And the most important, natural products can be used, without being afraid of unpleasant consequences. What we eat exerts the expressed impact on our organism, our mood. Even the invoice of plants exerts impact on our organism.

Recently, reading something about useful and nutritious products, all the time I encounter what certain products recommend to eat because they contain cellulose, pectins, vegetable, food fibers.

As it appeared, cellulose and pectins are called food or vegetable fibers. To them it is much given attention recently as abroad, and at us. Some foreign nutritionists even determine a nutrition value of products by the content in them of vitamins A, With, potassium and these most food fibers.

Cellulose or cellulose which plants contain, does not give to an organism of energy and is practically not acquired, but it surely has to be present at your diet. It is necessary for us for stimulation of work of intestines that the food quickly passed on an organism, cholesterol, poisons, fats was removed and it is a lot of another that can do harm to our organism.

Cellulose contains in vegetable food much - vegetables and fruit. Most of all cellulose in dried mushrooms, apples and pears, and also in raspberry, wild strawberry, nuts, dried apricots and dates. Cellulose also contains in porridge, buckwheat, prunes, carrot, a fig. So eat.

And now about pectins .

Pectins possess one interesting ability - at interaction with water they bulk up and absorb cholesterol, substances unnecessary an organism, including toxins, microbes from intestines, and delete these harmful substances from an organism. Ability of pectins to absorb harmful substances increases in the presence of apple, lemon and other organic acids which are contained in plants (fruit contain in the basic apple acid, and berries and a citrus - lemon). So pectins treat various diseases of the digestive system, normalize intestinal microflora, and also a cholesteric exchange in an organism. Pectins in such a way clear an organism, and protect it from intoxications. Most of all pectins contain in blackcurrant, apples, beet, peaches. Pectins also are in oranges, apricots, pears, raspberry, cabbage, carrot and in juice of mature vegetables and fruit.

The American scientists studied effect of grapefruit pectin on cholesterol level in blood. Experimental which had a high content of cholesterol in blood every day ate on grapefruit, without changing the diet. As a result at them equilibrated contents good and bad cholesterol.

The food with vegetable fibers protects our organism from coronary heart disease, bile - a stone illness, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and from a lot of things another. Eating every day on apple, eating with a red borshchik, nuts, without forgetting about fresh juice, doing salad of cabbage, cooking buckwheat cereal, you relieve yourself of many problems in the future, carry out prevention of atherosclerosis, heart troubles, zheludochno - an intestinal path and even cancer.

Besides, it turns out not only it is useful, but also it is tasty.

Take care of yourself!

Health to you!]