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When animation The Snow White will note the 70 - the anniversary? Part second.

So, yesterday, on December 21, 2007, one of the best-known octets of animation - the Snow White and seven gnomes - noted the 70 - the anniversary. However the girl who became soul in Chikhun`s company, the Taciturn person and To became not the first in a family of animation heroes. Unless average sister. Not the most elder brother - Mickey Mouse - was more senior than the sisters exactly for 10 years. And even earlier there was a cheerful Rabbit Oswald whom naturally spioneril competitors. But let`s everything - begin again from the beginning, having looked at the biography of their art father - Walt Disney.

By the way, forgot to mention that to start creation Snow White and seven gnomes Disney was forced to take the credit in bank of 5 million dollars. It seems that the bank manager was same madman the Irish, what was also Walter. As it was necessary to believe in talent young, 33 - the summer animator to offer such sum, knowing for certain, happen creative failure, and these money would cry crocodile tears. Though the managing director, and Disney risked to the same extent, in three years up to this point Disney`s animated film Flowers and trees received two " at once; Oscars

Do not feed the American with honey but only let`s write the clever book. Especially often became heroes of books people who made themselves . And the more so it is surprising that among cream of economic society it was drawn suddenly Disney! It was held up as an example as person who managed to rise even not from scratch and it is rather from minus.

The matter is that his daddy But about everything one after another.

Walt was the fourth child in a family of the small businessman and large loser who, speaking Russian, had left both hands and those grew not from that place. Therefore grabbed daddy one, another, and nothing was impossible. Except children

But the same children so flickered before eyes, got under feet... such minutes the carpenter Elios Disney thrashed kids with such frenzy that neighbors ran together. And mother preferred to the husband not to contradict. The Irish education

Business reached what little Walt told all: this is not my father, my father cannot beat the child so. And especially got on nuts 3 - to the summer boy after he ornamented all paints which came hand, a wall of the house in Chicago

A in 6 years at Walt cut through a commercial vein. He decided to do business on the talent. Came to neighbors. Drew them, and as an award at first demanded a sugar piece, a candy, and then and money. However, neighbors did not complain. By then Disney got over on a farm and from where farmers have enough money to be photographed? And here the bright neighbour`s boy who grabs features on the fly moreover can embody all this on paper

Of course to the father such success of little Walt was across a throat. And he just ceased to buy sheets of paper. But also to these it did not stop the young artist who began to draw on to toilet paper. But long Walt did not manage to draw neighbors. The family darted off again, and it appeared to Kansas - City. Here 8 - the summer boy had no time to think of drawings, he woke up every morning at half past three to be in time in printing house where fresh issue of the local newspaper was printed out. And in four puny boy it was already loaded with the heavy bag filled by the fresh press. And so - not year, not two, but the whole six years

A on the other hand, without these deprivations Walt Disney would hardly become by itself. It is remarkable that having already become the multimillionaire, the owner of a film studio never forgot about the heavy childhood. Very few people know that Disney in a film studio for work had three different rooms absolutely not similar one on another. In the room of the dreamer there were many pictures and the drawings stimulating imagination. The small, hot heated room which Disney`s employees called a punishment cell was the place for work of the critic. Not everyone maintained in it more than 5 - 7 minutes. And in the room realist Disney tried to understand how drawn images will be to lay down on real life. Also did it with such pedantry that employees swore about themselves: What still a rozhna is necessary to it

But it will be much later. For now the young man Walt entered the Chicago institute of Arts, World War I began then, it was torn to the front, but 16 - summer did not take in field army. He found a way out - was employed by the truck driver in the rear part located in Switzerland. Hunting to change of places... the virus got from the father?.

No article will be enough to slip on labyrinths of such interesting destiny for 5 - 6 thousand signs. It was talent with which Mother Nature presents mankind too avariciously. Also died - that it extremely silly. From nicotine which provoked lung cancer. In 10 days after the 65 - the anniversaries. So the drop of nicotine killed not only a horse, but the so many, not seen by us, animation characters with

Anyway, and the Snow White for 5 years endured the animation father. Also continues to live ]