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How to turn my house in my fortress ?

my house - my fortress. For any man respecting himself these words not an empty phrase. It concerns to women too, though to a lesser extent as it is supposed that they are engaged in care of the house and children, being under protection of the men. What needs to be made in order that house turned in fortress open for friends and relatives, and unapproachable for enemies?

I will warn at once: it is necessary to make much. It will cost little not. But on the other hand life and health - things are invaluable so as it seems to me, you should not save on them. For the same who likes to make jokes, I will tell so: it is better to suffer from mania of prosecution in this world, than to have a rest on that.

You are ready to modernization of the house? Then forward!

The first that gets in the way to any dwelling - of a door . I suggest to put steel two-layer (layer thickness - not less than 3 mm). Between steel sheets the nonflammable heat-insulating filler which will rescue the apartment from the fire on a staircase can settle down. The door should be done so that it opened outside. It is easier to open such door from within, and it is almost impossible to land outside. Locks on such door have to be manufactured by request, otherwise the problem of opening or selection of keys for villains strongly becomes simpler. That the box of a door has to be fixed in an aperture tightly, I think, you should not speak, it and is so clear.

To identify the guest, the door is supplied with a peephole. The cheapest of safe   options; - so-called prism . It is the peephole executed as a periscope on the   submarine; - the eyepiece and a lens are not on one line. It is necessary, in order that in a case when the malefactor (God forbid, of course!) will shoot at a peephole, trying to strike the host, the bullet did not find the purpose.

Except a prism it is possible to establish the on-door speakerphone . This intercom will allow you to communicate to the visitor in that case when you are not sure that his (visitor) should be let in the house.

Following stage steepness - of a chamber video surveillances. With their help it is possible to look at the visitor (video on-door speakerphone) or to examine vicinities of the house - fortress (it is security - observation chambers). Such chambers are connected to the special monitor. For example, such thin ZhK - a monitorchik with the control panel can be pasted directly on a door. From within, certainly.

For the same to whom laziness to rise from a sofa every time when someone rings a door, it is possible to organize connection of chambers directly to the TV. Then you will have a new TV channel. Something it seems My Security TV Channel 1 .

How still villains can get to your house? No, it is not necessary to offer a way of Santa Claus! Though... Put in a flue of the fireplace (if it is, it is natural) a lattice more strong. Well, how? Of course, through of a window !   window; - the same door, only small and glazed.

Protection of windows is made by the installation of lattices , reliably strengthened in a wall. At the same time it is necessary to consider that lattices have to open. The key from the lock of a lattice has to be stored near a window, but so that it could not be got from the street, having broken glass.

Not opening lattices are more reliable, however they can be established only if from the room (room) there are at least two other exits to adjacent rooms and further on the street.

Installation of bullet-proof glasses or plastic panels instead of usual windowpanes is not recommended. In case of explosion of household gas in the house excessive pressure will not be able to break out. Instead it will lift a roof which at the same time can collapse itself and lead to destruction of bearing walls of all building.

To avoid gas explosion, it is possible to establish a gas analyzer and a set of emergency ventilation . In case of detection of household gas the gas analyzer does 2 things: turns on the special pump - the fan removing explosive air-gas mix out of house limits and sends you to a pager or the cell phone an alarm signal.

The last opportunity (a message of signals through a paging network or SMS) is very useful also to other types of the alarm system . For example, fire or militia. By the way, their installation and a monthly fee are not really expensive, and chances to rescue the property increase many times.

You should not rely, however, completely on experts - it is not enough of them and they are constantly busy with problems of other people. As we know, God protects Berezheny. Have near at hand, around kitchen the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher bought on the next car market. And in the safe inaccessible for children, you store a shot-gun (the smooth-bore weapon can be bought legally without special problems) and ammunition to it.

On a case of any disasters it is possible to arrange a small warehouse dolgokhranyashchikhsya of products and waters. If means allow, then the independent diesel - the generator will also not prevent.

Well and finally - masterpiece of defensive thought. the Room - the safe , mounted in an underground. In case of impossibility to leave the house, this room will become for you and a shelter from the bandits who rushed all - to your house, and a cache for the period of the fire, and an air-raid shelter on a war case. And if from this secret shelter there is an underpass where - nibud out of house limits (than further - it is better for those!), it in general the price will not be!

There now, as a matter of fact, and all. It if to consider highlights and not to dream on the subject » blasters; minefields and so forth. Do not regret forces and funds for the organization of safe life and life of the relatives. And I will wish you that all that you buy and establish, it was never useful to you: let guns are always silent, terribly looking at our enemies !