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The reporting from the field of the Borodino Fight

Andrey Haustov.

The reporting from the field of the Borodino fight

In 120 kilometers to the West from First-throned the decisive fight of giants which defined an outcome of Patriotic war of 1812 was developed nearly two centuries ago. In deadly fight two huge armies - Kutuzov and Napoleon met, having brought on a war altar tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides. As if a wave of a black veil, War carried away for itself in nebytiyo legions of not realized destinies - interesting and standard, having left thousands of crippled bodies and souls on fields of battles Grandiose battle was developed by

near the village of Borodino, having affected by the iron claws death more than 50 square kilometers of meadows and fields.

Having spent a little more than 2 - x hours in the excursion bus and having left the ancient city of Mozhaisk behind the back, you will appear at the village of Borodino and will begin a sightseeing with one of the main monuments of War of 1812 - recognizable is red - a granite monument with a big eagle at top and the gold sword which stiffened in granite blocks. The eagle in the proud flight keeps in claws a wreath of the winner, and the huge gold sword turned up, symbolizes military power and force of Russia, as if echoing the well-known words of Alexander Nevsky.

This beautiful and majestic monument was erected on the place of the command post of Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov.

Slightly to the west and to the south, we appear at the bottom of the hill on which Rajevski battery was placed. In the middle of the field, on a hillock, directly the huge black column, something reminding a small chapel, topped with a gilded glavka with a cross grows from a three-stage pig-iron pedestal. The poppy-head is executed in the form of speakers of thorns and bears to a fragment of the Old Russian weapon quite a strong resemblance - maces.

the Lower part of a monument is really very similar in a form to a small chapel - a monument and represents an octagon which each side in the middle of a monument is occupied by the black columns of the smaller size bearing as if on themselves the dome-shaped arches.

From - under the arches at us are watched by 8 absolutely identical gold cartouches presented in the form of the magnificent wreaths surrounding with the petals the radiant delta: the equilateral triangle with an eye in the middle lets out extensively 8 thin beams, symbolizing divine providence.

In general, is sated with similar symbolics of an eye of Omniscience literally all Borodino memorial estate, as in museum objects - exhibits, medals and the seals, and on walls of the temple of Spaso - the Borodino monastery. Abundance of similar symbolics, we can meet on a facade and in Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg - in the temple of the Russian military glory and a pantheon of Patriotic war of 1812 Alexander I`s era.

the Monument of military glory established on the place of the battery of Rajevski was comprehended by a severe fate already at the beginning of formation of the young Soviet state. The massive pig-iron monument apprehended as a tsarism symbol was destroyed by Bolsheviks. The country weakened by burdens of civil war was in great need in metal. Cast iron tons cynically went to coppers to melting. The monument to the Russian heroes - to defenders was completely destroyed. The similar destiny of total plunder - destructions was tasted also by the grave located near - Bagration`s crypt with pig-iron fencings - lattices. What we see on the hill today is a remake, the exact copy put in 80 - x years of the last century.

Opposite to Rajevski battery, directly through the road, the doors to us tears off and calls Borodino voyenno - the historical museum in which originals are presented: personal belongings of M. I. Kutuzov, documents, flags, standards, uniforms and tools of the Russian and Napoleonic armies, and also excavation from fields of battles. Here it is possible to see actually only lived up to now impressive the tool - to a down - Unicorn ; plan and panorama of the Borodino battle; Kutuzov`s carriage; a uniform of the emperor Alexander I, and also abundance of various objects from civil and regimental life of the enemy.

In the yard of the museum cost perfectly executed, huge busts to the top officials of fight at Borodino: To Kutuzov, Bagration, Barclay - de Tolly.

Behind them, forming as if the malachite avenue, were built in 2 rows, the bent captured tools of French. Dark-green trunks of tools on the left and right sides look the barrels at each other. The weight of other guns with ease passes for half-tons of pure copper!

Further, will be presented to all of us an opportunity to plunge into delights of soldier`s life, having got acquainted with a camp of 1812 and having tried porridges from a soldier`s kettle under a mug of hot tea.

it would Seem, not remarkable buckwheat cereal with a hint on meat yes an unpretentious tea and what they seemed tasty on cool air of the walking Borodino winds, under a smoke of the marching furnace!

will be presented to all unique chance to pass literally through centuries and to be dissolved in unforgettable on the scale and a turn, grandiose voyenno Soon - historical representation in honor of memory of the Borodino battle called by the Holiday of the Firm Tin Tell-tale! The second such opportunity will be available only on a name-day of Moscow.

Thousands of people already took convenient places and were going to meet Guards regiments

the Battlefield is empty so far and breathes air coming fights : guardsmen and soldiers, slowly light up a tabachok, hammer with ramrods gunpowder into guns, roll out guns pipe voices of elegant military brass band are already heard

I: procession is opened dressed in a contrast front door it is red - a white form of the girl - drummers, led by the beautiful snow-white leader with a solemn staff in a hand! After them the handsome - the trumpeters dressed in red full dresses strides. All of them go to honor memory of heroes - defenders to Rajevski battery obelisk.

Literally still slightly - slightly, and here we already see the marching columns of hussars in is red - green uniforms, tightened on a trunk by white tapes, in the manner of an andreevsky cross. Simple soldiers tell-tales and corporals in unpretentious follow it is black - green mundirchik. Here they were built on construction and listen to team. On black black stallions it is proud the highest military elite floats in strict uniforms with awards and cocked hats. In total in an anticipation of spectacular fight: here - here, and fight of two forces will begin!

Rattle gun shots, and the infantry strains to be in action! Then gun volleys, and through a smoke screen of many shots the infantry with shouts rushes on the enemy to a bayonet attack! Artillery volleys of tools on both sides literally are mown by ranks of infantrymen; down to the ground the first victims fall, but fight continues

fight is entered by uhlans in picturesque bear caps, hand-to-hand shaking on the dynamics is tied: then, sabers shine there, never-ending gun volleys mixed up with shouts " are heard; Uraa!!! and here, apparently, the flying horse guard keeps up in time and finally breaks strengths of the enemy. In a white powder smoke horses, people and sounds of gun tools " mixed up in a heap; The Holiday was successful!

Children`s delight on faces of adults, easy excitement from what was seen and overflowed I smother emotions against the Borodino landscapes - here the main gift of this holiday. Here temporary rescue from the sucking-in everyday life. Here minutes of the real life. However, only for those who really are able to rejoice.

If has the luck, then such natures can easily, savages to raise a curtain and to come to be holiday zakulisam: to be welcomed in a soldier`s bivouac two cheerful huntsmen who literally here - here ran away from a romantic era of Alexander I and to make surprisingly emotional pictures with it; to be taken for the real guns and to stroke konyashka.

A still can have honor to get secular conversation and to have a good long talk much with picturesque characters - merry fellows in smart whiskers. In a word, there is a tremendous chance to steep in that interesting and concerning time and to forget, at least for a minute, about vanity and everyday life of 21 centuries

Dare, mercy sirs and young ladies! In total in your hands!

Second and the final section of travel will slightly open to us Spaso`s gate - the Borodino convent founded by M. M Tuchkova - the widow the general - the major A. A. Tuchkov - on the place of death of her husband. Behind a window float green fields and meadows, bosks and memorable avenues. Infinite granite monuments and memorials to infantry, cavalry and artillery parts, places - witnesses of cruel, bloody fights are replaced one by one, apparently.

near the village of Shevardino settled down the command post of Napoleon and the Shevardinsky redoubt. Now this hilly memorable place is noted by a gray granite monument with an eagle, and height of a shevardinsky redoubt - an obelisk with guns and kernels. Around - lovely to each heart, a typical Russian landscape - the boundless, being buried in verdure fields and meadows, birch bosks and magnificent mixed Liski. Calm yes grace! you begin to present to

I not at once how 200 years ago this touching beauty and tranquility were broken off and scratched, filled with a smoke and burned ruthless wheels of War

However, it is time! To long admire the pacifying Russian landscape today hardly it will already turn out, otherwise us can expect fascinating running across the field behind the escaping bus which, having proshchalno winked at you headlights, can forget easily in vanity of affairs wordly about romantically the adjusted travelers who got lost at intersections of times

Spaso Located nearby - the Borodino monastery strengthened by powerful stone walls includes main operating the temple enclosed from West side with an earth ditch; the temple - a pantheon to the died soldiers, and also a church construction in which the exposition " is placed now; Military Toy .

the Wife is the general - the major A. A. Tuchkov lost everything for the sake of what she should have lived - the husband and the son. Having collected all the forces, it founded convent on the place of death of the husband - a spiritual and historical monument to tragic events of those years.

In the main temple - high is red - a cross-shaped brick cathedral - there pass services. In the second, small, reminding more a civil construction, than church, services pass, but from time to time, and therefore the entrance to the temple - a pantheon can be locked by a lattice.

Internal furniture of the temple not absolutely corresponds to standard: a certain simplicity and military motives in laconic lists on walls; lack of iconostasis per se and scarlet gate in inner sanctum and also a huge white circle with the radiant delta in the center of the temple can attract all eyes of other impressionable natures for a long time. Architectural completeness to ensemble is given by the small area with a monumental granite column Doblesnym Geroyam Borodina from descendants of soldiers 3 - y an infantry division of the general Konovnitsin and two figured shod bowls installed at the course to the temple on tripods symbolizing an altar-fire.

On the way back an inquisitive look will surely stop at temple gate - there he will be met and at the same time carry out volume metal bas-reliefs with plots of antique wars and heroes. Two massive plates were once specially cast for installation on the Triumphal Arch that on Kutuzovsky, however and remained to stand in Borodino. Behind monastery gate - on different sides around - the obelisks which grew on places of the former hardened battles.

Leaving walls of the monastery and mentally saying goodbye to the Borodino landscapes, you feel a mystic force of these places Big blood washed, they always will is inexplicable to attract lyud wordly

2006, Andrey Haustov.]