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Who such alkominimalist? Which drink a little?

Came across in a network the website of collectors of small small bottles. About one of such collectors in May of this year I placed a note on the blog: Presentation of the book of Mikhail Zelinger Cognac in me (then I for the first time adjoined to the world of bottle collectors).

On the website there is both a section of news, and stories, and very representative forum: what to collect, where to buy, where to exchange

In particular, it is mentioned the last, the exhibition of the Russian wines which took place on December 7 - 9 this year. In the report of one of collectors whom activists of the website defined as zaslanets (on an exhibition, certainly), it is said that the domestic wine industry wanted to sneeze on collectors and at this exhibition there were practically no tiny small bottles, but on all pavilion fans of free binge rushed and, parting forcibly each other, got drunk such hogwash

Has to notice that as to any other look, the problem is inherent in a collecting of minibottles: safety. If for all other objects it is an appearance problem, then for bottles also safety of contents is added. To a great regret of all collectors of alcoholic drinks, they have property to evaporate from the closed bottles.

About a problem of tightness it is wine - a vodka container I know long ago, about 40 years. And I got acquainted with it originally.

In those days I worked at Ural Automotive Plant and was accepted in an office of the deputy secretary of Communist Party committee of plant Felix Ivanovich Kovalyov (by the way, both of us graduated from the Chelyabinsk polytechnical institute, only it was issued in a year of my receipt). Once it opened a curbstone of the table and showed me a floor - a vodka litrovka on one third I am empty though the stopper (an aluminum nashlepka with cardboard laying) was on the place and is not damaged. Me it is surprised a little on what the owner of an office told: Evaporated!

The bottle in a table was not one: they were selected on a checkpoint and for some reason given to Communist Party committee (can be, communists tried to carry by it?) . And Felix Ivanovich at work did not drink (whether drank in other time - I do not know, it seems to me, he was a nondrinker). And here the currency, one may say, product so dullly vanished.

I observed the same losses at the acquaintances who sometimes brought tiny souvenir small bottles and put them in sideboards as ornament.

And so why the wine poured in bottles is stored in horizontal position - the stopper does not dry and does not allow to evaporate to contents!

But we will return to the website: at its forum it is possible to look at objects of a purchase, sale and an exchange: the Scottish whisky, liqueurs with unusual labels, cognacs and so on

Are discussed also pressing problems, for example: how to systematize collections. The volume of bottles, years of production, a version - the head can be broken (all - brands and coins it is simpler to collect, everything is fixed by producers and is given for a public inspection in the form of ready catalogs; only search for versions and collectors fix and that partially it is done by an emissioner).

Generally, all this is extremely interesting and a little unusual: only to look at what can and be used. By the way, it is stated also at a forum: as one my acquaintance, after viewing of our website told: and among you normal people are?! to it in a root it is unclear HOW it can collect and be not to drunk .

Or still: When you show one pass a small bottle, the people speak and what here to drink - that. And here when see all selection, then begin to transfer to liters and to calculate time deep use of this volume of " alcohol;.

Fortunately, there are still people who can (I emphasize: CAN) look at alcohol as regarding which can be stored for years as by sight creative activity of the person.

Which - that made very strong impression on me. I quote a text piece from the website:

Treat the most widespread enemies of wine:

- a tobacco smoke,

- spicy culinary smells which do not allow to enjoy aroma of good wine

- vinegar,

- acid of citrus fruits,

- fat grades of fish which impact to wine disgusting metal relish,

- vanilla, coffee - Mocha and cinnamon - heavy satellites for wine though shades of their smells and are present at aromas of various wines, can tell the same about pure chocolate and chocolate products (excepting only fortified wines from muscat grades and grapes of a grade Traminer).

Some taboos

- the dishes seasoned with a curry and also mint, as a rule, with wine have nothing in common,

- never - red wine - to fish canned food and chocolate,

- never - semisweet wine - to hot sauce on an acetic basis,

- never - put ketchup near French wine.

This here: never - do not put the " ketchup near French wine; sounds perfectly (the truth, French wine at me does not happen yet, and ketchup always available).

As speak, there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks, berries in buttocks and moisture in bottles!

In bottles which are carefully stored by alkominimalist.

Who knows, maybe I sometime will appear in the company of these very interesting people ]