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Optina Pustyn.

Reporting of one day.

Part 1.

Optina Pustyn … The stronghold of the Russian orthodox spirituality arises in the time of troubles on the Kaluga earth, and over time, acquires nearly the status of the spiritual center of the true Orthodoxy, main on the importance, keeping the treasured Christian principles and values to this day.

The monastery arose on the desert hilly lands surrounded with the impassable woods. The founding father of the monastery venerable aged man Ambrose chose this place with an ulterior motive: the territory is located far from the noisy cities, surrounded with high hills and the impassable wood, cut off entirely from the outside world - the ideal place for lonely ascetic life of aged men.

the monastery received the name, on one of versions, from the robber living in these regions, repentant by name Wholesale. On the other hand, followers and Ambrose`s pupils arriving to the monastery lived “ wholesale “ - that is settlements - “ communes “ from here and second version of an origin of the name of the monastery.

*** * ***

From Kaluzhskaya Square (downtown) we go by excursion bus in pleasant so to our natures small travel on sacred lands of the Kaluga province. Having slipped a half of the megalopolis without uniform stopper and a delay across grandiose and big Leninsky Avenue, we move down on “ old Kaluga road “ - Kaluzhskoye Highway, also we direct at way.

Behind a window flash the green woods and fields, the rivers and villages, replacing each other in the most interesting and unexpected sequences. Also the district landscape changes. Outside the Moscow region it changes more sharply and considerably - sandy breaks with pines; the rivulets and lakes shallowing, in places; abrupt ravines; and hills, hills, hills …. In Zhiguli such heights would be called “ mountains “ and here, - no - hills, and ravines, improbable by the sizes! If it is honest, in life it did not happen to see still such huge ravines, and the most important, it is a lot of also in one place!

Here we drive up to the ancient city of Kozelsk.

To the right of us - industrial part of Kaluga, and behind the bridge through the river to Zhizdr - is seen from - for the hills overgrown with the wood small, but ancient Kozelsk. Officially - it is one year more senior than Moscow, not officially - to the inhabited territories of Kozelsk over one thousand years. Here during the pre-Christian period there lived numerous settlements of Slavs - residents of Vyatka.

Kozelsk - the city with rich history. During invasion of Tatars, he not once suffered numerous sieges, burned, and rolled, literally, in blood. Citizens with firmness protected the houses and temples. Against the polutoratysyachny population of the fortified city of Kozelsk (together with children and old men) the many thousands army - a horde of Tatars was exposed.

did not surrender the City. Soldiers were helped by women and children. Removed cobble-stones from pavements (yes, already in those wild Middle Ages in Kozelsk streets were paved a cobble-stone.) also threw them on the enemy.

Fortress somehow kept. At its walls the mountain of bodies of the enemy grew. Tatars abandoned the city the burning arrows. And, soon, hordes of infidels rushed into fortress on bodies of the soldiers, and revenges for the sake of, cut out all city entirely …

Genocide. In archives there were records that the blood layer in the city was so big that wounded citizens, simply sank in it, not in forces to rise ….

Once it was …

Nowadays, Kozelsk - small, and, in a sort, not remarkable town. Small dusty small streets, roads; the two-storeyed lodges constructed no later than the 19th century; little shops - anything, seemingly special. The main sight - Optina Pustyn located nearby.

We at gate of monastery:

Around - the improbable number of visitors. The parking is entirely filled with cars, excursion and pilgrim buses. People go to monastery. Personally, in my opinion, the people who directed here are divided, as if into 3 parts: those who, as well as we are the semi-idle tourists with gloss in eyes who are eager for something new and interesting; true pilgrims are Christians; and the grandiose public walking and going to pray for forgiveness sins and to ask from God of wellbeing and a bigger wealth. All three “ categories “ your obedient servant happened to make out parishioners well.

the People coming to sacred monastery with a roar of merrily music from salons of very expensive Porsches and Lexuses go to ask from God only of one financial wellbeing. Incidentally heard scrap of conversation of two, glamourous look was top of cynicism, I will give:

- Kat what asked?

- the Guy rich, and still I want the car better ….

We, curious tourists, wander with cameras on a breast, and, eager for all new a look, we touch old times, history and memory of our ancestors. Someone “ wholesale “ buys up candles, and lights them, nearly before every image, someone - only “ to the “ and at someone, just the look stiffened before one of icons and cannot come off it …. All of us are people, and each of us was brought by the reason into this strong sacred monastery.

Pilgrims, we will leave alone. Their belief is higher than all these vain petty intrigues …

*** * ***

Optina Pustyn - the place strong and attractive. Very many people went here temporarily “ to live “ or, to remain “ for ever “. noblemen, boyars, writers, scientists, and, of course, a commonalty were

It also.

Here repeatedly came Tolstoy, Gogol, Pushkin, Turgenev, Nekrasov …. Asked blessings from Saint aged men, looked for answers to questions, gave rise to masterpieces, directed the world in soul …

Saint aged men could them, both to accept, and to refuse to them. Cases when Saint aged men (they should have looked at the person), at once said that torments him are described; “ read “ antecedents, real, and possible ways of a turn of future life. They could cure parishioners and work wonders. However, to get them attention it was by no means difficult. Aged men lived in isolation in the wood, near the monastery. In a monastery of the venerable aged man Ambrose - to this worshipped place, still, “ mere mortal “ it is difficult to get - it is openly only for pilgrims.

Now we stand under century oaks near a monastery, and we listen to the story of the guide.

is Here one oak under which krone Gogol talked to one of Saint aged men twice in hope to receive answers concerning unfinished at that time “ Dead souls “. He received the answer. From two options of this work, we, have honor, know only that we got which in inheritance from the great master of the Russian and Ukrainian word.

Means, it was so necessary … *** * *** was already a little told


About the reason of the choice of the place for Optina Pustyn at the beginning of the reporting, however the author has also the version ….

There was a cloudy day. The sky was tightened by lead clouds. The small rain drizzled.

Approaching Optina Pustyn, the look noted an unusual gleam in the sky from East side in the form of a big oval. From other parties, gleams in the sky. It was observed anywhere any more the big gleam originated approximately in that place where possession of Optina Pustyn come to an end, and left further, on the East. Just there, where the abnormal zone is located: Devil`s Ancient settlement.

According to the conventional data, in places more often happen to abnormal activity sunny and droughty days, rains and a bad weather are more rare. The reasons are not clear. However, probably, it can be connected with the strong electromagnetic fields exerting impact on the atmosphere somehow.

Today similar was observed also by us. The gleam in the sky was just in the one and only place - There!

The devil`s Ancient settlement - a quite famous abnormal zone of Russia.

at the same time, inexplicably, attracted From time immemorial this place and frightened people. Here, in pagan times, priests of unknown forces suited an assemblage, sacrificed live flesh, performed strange rituals …. Some Slavic tribes developed the settlements here, but much later, the commonalty was often lost in the woods, people and the cattle which came with them vanished completely.

Animals behave absolutely inadequately here. For example, cats and dogs begin to show signs of alarm and to rush to emptiness, as if saw something or felt.

I until now, locals avoid this strange place and reluctantly tell alien strangers about it. The author was convinced of it personally, and he has the version why this place … was chosen as one of the reasons of foundation of orthodox sacred monastery of Optina Pustyn.

always built Monasteries, in sacral places - very strong and chosen.

Is possible, Optina Pustyn was founded near the frightening and mystical Devil`s ancient settlement as a counterbalance to powers of darkness …

Esoterics ….

Part 2.

The following stage of our excursion - visit of the village of Shamordino, or if to be exact, the Kazan Amvrosiyevskaya, stavropigialny female Desert, near Shamordino.

To our look the majestic, strict handsome Kazan Cathedral appears:

From North side, “the stone bridge“, the cathedral connects to a monastic refectory. Appointment of this stone “conductor“ following: nuns should not concern the feet “the guilty earth“, going to a meal after works spiritual.

Thereby, we see, the care of founders of the monastery how was big to protect nuns from all “wordly“.

However, in the same place on a photo, we see a strange spot, a dairy haze. Strange “fog“ is not visible to an eye, but is fixed on a photo:

No, it is not marriage at the press … More than 20 frames, from the different parties and foreshortenings, showed this mysterious foggy spot, and, in the same place - where the bridge begins!

What it?

Local manifestation of “the sacral force“? Extremely limited “abnormal zone“ in space? Or, the place where in the past there was some tragedy? … Without special researches it is difficult to

to tell …

Knows that similar, the “strange spots“ repeating on a photo, every time, - reflection of another, reality invisible to an eye.

Such “lit“ photos can turn out in many sacral places and abnormal zones of the mother of Earth. For example, according to reliable data which are owned by the author and a number of some researchers similar can be observed at coast of Oka, between Murom and Ryazan (near the village it is tender from where there was a sort a healer Fevroniya - Old Russian sacred), and some territories of Borodino Field (behind Spaso`s gate at once - the Borodino monastery).

the simplest version which arises by itself is an existence underground in this place strong electro - a magnetic field which source, for example, ore deposits can be. In such places the compass strange behaves, digital equipment fails, hours ostanalivatsya, the cellular and radio communication disappears … to

It is obvious, it is much more similar places in Russia. Another matter when the author as a part of expeditions, or private trips, is able to prove and though somehow to systematize existence of similar places in other corners of the country …

However, we will return to our excursion.

If to pass under this bridge, and to be removed on some distance, then we will see ahead the shabby, lop-sided under weight of time small, and, apparently, at first sight, not remarkable structure of the beginning of the 20th century:

It … A lodge where in 60 - x years, in the stay by the teacher, there lived Bulat Okudzhava!

A live “wholesale“ hardworking dark migrants from the “friendly“, neighboring republics now …

Here still there is no memorial board, and present owners with some surprise and misunderstanding catch flashes of cameras of the same surprised few tourists who risked to disturb ordinary life of this quiet court … of

*** * ***

Okudzhava`s Lodge remained somewhere on the right, and ahead we see those monastic refectories. In general, notable “minus“ of some excursions happens the fact that the lunch is not always provided in them.

And this time. And nearby not to find either little shop, or tent …. Take with yourself in the road sandwiches and thermoses, the Lord!

But to us it was lucky. The kind guide from a host decided to go to us to a meeting - on “an organizational innovation“ unusual for similar excursions: namely - to feed travelers idle (not pilgrims, notice, not parishioners! - And simple tourists!) monastic lunch.

Let and modest (as - in any way, Monday - day entirely fast), but sincere and tasty!

So, we open refectory doors ….

Huge room. Long tables and benches at walls release the ode - the only free space - pass between them. At the end of the room, from kitchen work - nuns of all age as if bees in a beehive, cut something on a table is humming, prepare, fill plates with food, wash, clean ware.

We sat down on a bench for long - a long table. Served us the dense bean soup, macaroni stirred with miraculously made stewed carrot and monastic kvass. Kvass! Real monastic kvass!

the Simple lunch was very much even tasty. Especially rye and white bread, baked of coarse flour with bran in a monastic bakery.

Ah what, I will tell you, tasty bread! with

Probably, nothing similar it was necessary to eat since the childhood when the father with the brother brought to us fresh, crackling, warm, live “lisichkin bread“ - svezhevypechenny bread from a small rural pekrana when we spent days off at the dacha. In the childhood all it seems more tasty ….

The sincere and lovely lunch supported our forces and we moved further!

*** * ***

On a half of a way between Optina and Shamordino, there is one very interesting place, unique for orthodox believers, - the Transfiguration Church (the end of the 17th century - the main part, and the end of the 18th century - a belltower).

Is interesting what the last prior of Optina Pustyn hieromartyr Isaaky, prophesied that the Preobrazhenskiy temple: “… will stand till doomsday Christ …“. And Such temples in Russia only 4.

Deserves attention and the fact that in civil war, in hunger, in days of the wild power of atheists and repressions, the temple, being officially closed, continued to deystvovovat, and since 1942 - constantly works.

In the temple is collected a set of wonder-working and interesting icons.

On some - are noticeable traces of recently brought together Myrrha …. We see silvery traces of droplets under different corners and on different parts of images. There is a lot of them, it is a lot of …. Priors of the temple demonstrate quite frequent and sudden manifestation of it of “a small miracle“!

Well - we will make excursion on the temple further!

Over a festive, light iconostasis of color of the sky and gold, to a look the tremendous wall list - the main element of internal furniture of the temple - the Hail Heavenly Jerusalem appears!

Is the central part of a list of Preobrazhenskoye of the temple.

On the right we will see the icons which are laid over by the Ural semi-precious stones and one of the main esteemed icons - the Prelate Nicholas The Wonderworker from silver, and in other part of the temple - an image of the Mother of God Mediolanskoy. The image was written by the unknown artist. During the Great Patriotic War local boys somewhere on attics dug out “picture“ in which “The woman in blue clothes and a white scarf“ was represented. Without meaning at all Who it, they, “for fun“, threw into “picture“ pyroceremonious knives …. One of priests, passing by, noticed this unattractive action, and, wishing to rescue “picture“ as a work of art, stopped them. A bit later, he made out in this work …. Virgin Mary`s face, also brought this image to the temple …. Since then it occupies with

in Transfiguration Cathedral one of the main places, and it is considered especially esteemed already much - there are a lot of years.


Ask parishioners, they will answer you!

A this temple, really, special. For some reason, it is even simple to photograph a cathedral, the hand trembled ….

Andrey Haustov ©

Moscow - Optina - 2007.]