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What flowers there have to be your dresses?

In the previous article were said about coloristic theory of seasons and about how to define the season and the type . Now we will look, as approximately looks each type, and what colors to it correspond . Almost all range of flowers is available to everyone, but colors differ in a warm or cold, light or dark shade, brightness or blurring. Someone in a set has more shades of one color, at someone - another. Better to understand the choice of the necessary paints, we will present what main colors were defined for every season by the nature.

The spring and spring type

the Thawed earth, and under the sun are gilded dry herbage and islands of a juicy young grass. Over fresh greens - flowers sirenevo - pink primroses, a white iberis, sirenevo - blue muskar and it is solar - yellow flowers mother - and - stepmothers. The first leaflets are dismissed. Fruit-trees are shrouded in caps of the most delicate inflorescences. To all live it is joyful and warm under the turquoise sky.

Spring appearance well is defined by words - faultless look . A sample of this type - fragile (or seeming fragile) the Goldilocks, graceful and gentle. Its image is written by a water color.

Skin - colors of an ivory, pink, peach, golden. The easy flush and golden freckles is characteristic.

of an Eye - almost always light. Usually - blue, turquoise, green, amber.

Hair - always a warm shade and light - light-red, linen, light-fair-haired, zolotisto - brown, honey color.

Its best colors - clear, accurate, light, gentle - korallovo - red, peach, natural light-beige shades, yellow, it is yellow - green, blue, aquamarine, lilac, it is gentle - pink.

are not recommended - the black color deaf is gray - blue and is bright - white.

The summer and summer type is dazzling

In deep height pylayetsolnets. The haze worries over dusty emerald foliage. Hot air muffled brightness of the blossoming garden: red roses, one-time - crimson bowls of peonies, droplets of blue hand bells, asterisks of cornflowers, arrows of lilac irises, a blue trifle of forget-me-nots - all in a haze. The earth dries, burn out herbs - colors are diluted by gray.

An image of summer type - the modest Cinderella. Its image is drawn with a pastel through a haze in the constrained, muffled tones. It is the most widespread type.

Skin - white, pinkish with aristocratic bluish subtone. Deep tan, soft freckles.

of an Eye - can be any, but is more often light - is gray - blue, is gray - green, nut color.

Hair - too can be any, but with a grayish raid - from blond to dark-ashy and even very dark.

The best colors - gentle, indistinct, cool, faded - light-red, grayish and soft it is red - brown, is gray - green, blue, blue, gray, one-time - lilac.

are not recommended - yellow color, is yellow - green and warm pink colors.

Fall and autumn type

Lead waters reflect the sky with the crawling gloomy clouds. And between water and the sky paints - red, yellow, orange behave violently, it is yellow - green. Under beams of the low sun the foliage flashes bronze and gold. And on dark-the brown earth the grass and soft inflorescences of the last flowers withers.

All red women - " enter autumn type; chameleons . The image of autumn type is written by oil on a rough canvas - bright, juicy, with the prevailing dark shades.

Skin - can be transparent - pale with freckles, and can be golden and even swarty.

of an Eye - is more often dark, blue, brown, expressive, is frequent with a golden speck. Can be both turquoise, and dark-gray, and dark-green.

Hair - from brightly - red to very dark with copper outflow.

The best colors - warm, earth, saturated. Any brown, warm red, terracotta, orange, yellow, olive, blue.

is not recommended - purely - white.

Winter and winter type.

It is dazzling white snow in diamond sparks. On snow - dark-red berries. Naked black skeletons of trees stick out of snowdrifts. In the distance dark-green and emerald fir-trees. Shadows from them - it is bluish - gray and cold. And over all this the dazzling sky and the lemon sun. It is time of contrasts.

Appearance of winter type is defined sometimes how drama contrast . It is appearance of the Snow White: opaque porcelain skin, blue eyes and black hair. The winter image can be compared to the painted graphics.

Skin - white with a pinkish, bluish or olive shade.

of an Eye - always bright, a cold shade or dark.

Hair - either dark or absolutely light - platinum or ashy.

The best colors - only cold: snowy - white, deep black, any gray, ruby, yellow is closer to lemon, light-emerald, blue, is bright - blue, lilac, cyclamen. It is possible to mix and create them contrasts from very light and very dark.

are not recommended - all brown, beige and warm pink, and also faded colors.

The coloristic theory of seasons helps not only to designers. It is capable to help each woman (and too) it is correct to men to pick up to itself colors of clothes. Most often upon purchases people are guided by intuition, the principle it is pleasant / it is not pleasant or council of the girlfriend. Both the minute mood and a psychological state can influence the choice, and they are not the best assistants. If the person is angry or in love, he can choose red color. If it is oppressed by something - black, khaki or gray. And these colors can be contraindicated to its type.

In " clothes; family flowers of people feels more surely and more comfortably. It to it to the person. Besides, colors of seasonal scales are in harmony with each other, and it is not necessary to waste time for considering of combinations: they are already presented to us by the nature.

Look for the type, the colors and be always beautiful!]