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Zmeenosets or whether the thirteenth zodiac sign is necessary to us?

A it is. Astrologers in the slowed-down shock. Royal astronomical society of Britain shouts of it and is not tired to surprise mankind.

Zmeenosets lives in the star sky and is distinctly displayed during the period from November 30 to December 18 every year. Given rise during this period safely can accept this zodiac sign.

For two thousand years which passed since Greek Ptolemaeus developed present system of division of heaven the provision of an axis of the planet Earth changed, constellations which astrologers in the forecasts and calculations consider thirteen today.

If to observe the sky for year and constellation which pass through a heavenly meridian that is kulminirut, at midnight over the southern part of the horizon. What special in these constellations? The fact that they are precisely against the sun which kulminirovat here at midday, twelve hours earlier. If regularly to observe - time in one and a half - two weeks, then it is possible to notice that the type of the star sky gradually changes. In a month at midnight will kulminirovat any more not those constellations which were observed before next. In a year a turn of a firmament will come to the end, the picture of the star sky will come to a starting position.

at the same time pass Through a heavenly meridian at different height over the horizon stars not of one, but several constellations. It is necessary to distinguish zodiac from them. If at midday this day to notice in what point there was a Sun it will be simpler to make it. Stars of zodiac constellation will kulminirovat at midnight approximately at the same height.

Stars do not disappear in the afternoon, and only grow dim in the sunlight scattered by the terrestrial atmosphere. At midnight kulminirut the constellations remote from the Sun in a firmament by 180 degrees.

In this case it is gradually possible to be convinced that the star noted in the evening as if draws near day after day the Sun. And soon it also absolutely will disappear. It is necessary to watch some other star. Then and it will approach the Sun.

Can and conduct researches on other way. To observe the first bright stars appearing in the western part of a firmament after sunset. Or to monitor geliaktichesky risings (rising of the stars appearing in the morning before sunrise).

Therefore the provision of the Sun is relative fixed stars continuously changes. At this Sun moves from the West to the East and manages to make a whole revolution in a year.

In the ancient time people watched bright stars which rose over the horizon before emergence of a rising sun. So: Aries (18. 4 - 14. 5), little bodies (14. 5 - 21. 6), twins (21. 6 - 20. 7), cancer (20. 7 - 11. 8), lion (11. 8 - 17 - 9), maiden (17. 9 - 31. 10), scales (31. 10 - 22. 11), scorpion (22. 11 - 30 - 11), zmeenosets (30. 11 - 18. 12), Sagittarius (18. 12 - 19. 1), goat (19. 1 - 16. 2), Aquarius (16. 2 - 12. 3), fishes (12. 3 - 18. 4). However a sensational sign astrologers refuse to recognize and reflect

in the calendars.]