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How Poles spend Christmas holiday?

Poland - the country generally Catholic. Therefore Christmas is celebrated here on December 25. Traditional vacation during which all country practically does not work begin with it. Vacation proceeds, at least, about New year? and as if connect two holidays among themselves.

Interesting thing this vacation. It seems officially they are also absent, but all week people have a rest. The secret is simple. Long before vacation in all firms, the organizations, the enterprises and shops people begin to prepare for them - work one hour more to save up compensatory holidays and to celebrate holidays as it is got.

Despite close vacation communication, celebration of Christmas and New year differs strikingly. Christmas - a holiday, today if and not religious on everything 100 in any case, closely connected with bible legends and Christian traditions.

In sacred Christmas evening pleasure institutions are closed, and streets become empty. The vast majority of Poles meet Christmas Eve of the house, at the holiday table. The lonely traveler can come to strangers, for him hold an empty seat and the pure device at a table. In popular speech the holiday is called Christmas carols and vigil .

To a church after a feast there are not all, but very many. On polls to listen to a ksenz each three persons from four go. Solemn colourful service - interesting culturally - religious representation even for the atheist, though it and not such magnificent as in orthodox church.

The remained days about New year Poles spend at home, watch TV, visit relatives, distribute the gifts which were purchased, as well as products, in advance. All including sellers of shops have a rest.

The industry of Christmas gifts, as well as in many countries, is very developed. The most popular - clothes and cosmetics. However, gifts - not the most ruinous item of expenditure of the Polish family. Each citizen spends for them on average 165 zloties that is equivalent to 65 American dollars. Taking into account the level of the present income, not such the astronomical sum.

As opposed to Christmas New year - a holiday secular, despite active participation of Sylvester`s Saints in it and Nikolay. And time so, and it is necessary to have fun in society. Most clubs, restaurants, ordinary parties approach. Scope is felt on central squares practically of all settlements.

A specific place in series of festivities is held by action on a central square of the cultural capital of Poland - the Royal City of Krakow. This its official name which appeared in ancient times and lost over time the two first words.

As well as in many cities, a central square of Krakow - the market. Rynek of a gluvna as its name on - Polish sounds. To meet a few years ago on it New year was almost extreme occupation. The idiotic tradition " was very popular; gilded youth to throw empty bottles from - under beer and champagne highly up for a back, to whom god will send . To the word it will be told, similar trends came in our years and to Minsk, but did not gain mass development.

To honor of law enforcement officers bottles in Krakow do not rush any more. However, and the number of police officers during a holiday considerably increased, them there almost as much how many guests.

Fans of fun in the Market are waited by games, songs and dances. At the moment when hours beat twelve, hundreds, and maybe thousands of balls burst. Temperamental idlers embrace and kiss. The representation course broadcasts television across all Poland that inveterate homebodies could participate at least virtually in general fun. Similar representations take place in many cities, but the holiday at Pilsudsky Square in the capital of Warsaw will not even be compared to Krakow.

Well, and after New year come severe everyday life . Unlike pamyarkounay Belarus where in honor both Catholic, and orthodox Christmas, and New, and Old New year, in Poland all January it is necessary to work. But we will not be about sad. Cheerful holidays! They at us ahead.]