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Why it is useful to be engaged in literary creativity?

Many people do not see sense to be engaged in literary creativity if there is no talent. However I have the vision of this craft.

What means to write article? What really useful writing brings? Let`s list to

the main, in my opinion, advantages:

1. Orderliness. When we compose

or we consider information, will - bondage it is necessary to transfer the thoughts to paper. As entirely once not to transfer thought, it is necessary to state one after another it in writing. What is improbable training for mind. For example, if to write articles on the interesting subject, then it is possible the mass of information which accumulated in the head, it is simple to order. To sweep aside unnecessary and to write something the main!

2. Literacy.

Writing develops literacy. Of course, if you respect your reader, then will read more attentively your texts and in doubtful places to specify spelling. Eventually, invaluable experience of the competent letter, and with it and respect of readers will be gained over time.

3. Creativity. Being engaged in

in writing, we are engaged in creativity! And as, it is necessary to draw attention of the reader and to think out something interesting! And it is very interesting to be engaged in creativity, in fact the person creates, creates something new, shows the exclusiveness, develops.

4. Feedback. Having stated to

the thoughts, it is possible to learn that someone thinks of it another, too interested in this subject, to learn something new or to reconsider the beliefs. Especially, today, publishing article in the Internet, we have a great opportunity to give access of people to very large number not only to material reading, but also to the instant answer in the form of the comment. The thought which appeared at the reader can be very important for the writer.

5. A way to fill up the knowledge.

in the course of writing of article should encounter the moments in which it is completely not confident or simply you do not know all nuances. Therefore it is forced to block these gaps in knowledge and to look for answers to again appeared questions! Besides, the Internet gives the chance without big loss of time to find necessary information. It is necessary to use search engines only intelligently.

6. Popularity.

Creating really interesting and useful articles which help other people with their life, you can gain wide popularity that can amuse your vanity, help to believe in yourself and in the business. Your knowledge and works do not go to waste, and really help people!

7. Additional income.

Of course if your articles are known and demanded by audience, then your hobby can develop into the additional income, or perhaps even into the main. And why is also not present? You bring benefit to people, and they can thank you in a monetary form. And what can be better, than do favorite thing and at the same time gain from him income?

Thus, it is useful to be engaged in literary creativity and it is interesting. And with the advent of the Internet it became very simple to do it well. So why and not to begin? The main thing not to look at the others, and to be engaged in what pleasant! And writing cannot but be pleasant!]