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Why to be engaged in needlework? 9 reasons of

1. It pacifies. Needlework - the known type of soothing medicine. Knitting, for example, is even called a spitseterapiya. The embroidery cannot apply for the term acupuncture (as it is already occupied), and here the krestikoterapiya - quite not bad develops in the word. Methodically transferring a pattern from the scheme to fabric, we are released from external problems. There is even an element of some hypnosis in monotony of actions - there will be that vtykaniye of a thread in fabric or a vyvyazyvaniye of loops.

2. It is simple. It is easy to Cross stitch! It is the simplest type of needlework which does not demand special skills, as during the knitting or an embroidery of the broderie anglaise. Certainly, there are technical subtleties, but they only facilitate process and give to a product the bigger neatness, but their ignorance will not spoil our work. To knit a little more difficult. But having mastered two main types of a knitted loop, it is possible to create on spokes infinite quantity of patterns only their combination.

3. It is creative. Tiny change of drawing of knitting - and at you appears exclusive model. And the embroideress has full authority to correct drawing - from replacement of shades (for giving of bigger juiciness to a grass) before change of design (because at my popugaychik a beak of other form). And work will only benefit from it. Will gain identity. And when the desire to create own designs - then flight of the creative imagination will come it is impossible to limit to anything.

4. It is creative. When you create beauty the hands, it is necessary to feel like the artist. And even following to the scheme the letter to a letter does not belittle skill of the needlewoman. Let drawing be thought up not by it, let threads be picked up by kind producers of sets - in the idea embodiment she puts own heart and soul. And when embroiders the design which struck it in the heart - the world is enriched with positive emotions.

5. It is beautiful. Decoration of the world surrounding us - here a main goal of the needlewoman. And it is unimportant whether there will be it a huge picture on a quarter of a wall or the elementary scarf, - the world will be decorated with a masterpiece!

6. It is fascinating. process of needlework, undoubtedly, will take your time, but with the advent of this hobby also additional thieves of time - hunting behind accessories and accessories, sets and magazines will appear. In Chosen in the computer there will be addresses of the websites devoted to weaving on koklyushka or a frivolita, and eyes will run up from abundance of opportunities, and heart will clench from a sharp regret what to make EVERYTHING is unreal, but so there is a wish!!!

7. It is a reason for pride. it is possible, not at once, but people around will begin to be proud of wife / sister / daughter / mother having hobby, so unusual to the modern world of speeds. Besides problems of gifts and souvenirs for relatives will be forever removed. If not everyone hangs up the embroidered picture on a wall, then warm knitted socks will fit on heart (and on a leg!) to any.

8. It is a trace in the history. With what awe we examine the embroidered collars and handbags of century prescription in the museums of applied art! And it is how pleasant to realize, as we put the needle to preservation of history. Yes, the vanity is not alien to trembling souls of needlewomen!

9. It is profitable. Strangely enough, but needlework can quite make profit. And not so much by sales of own works (hand - product   made; - too piece goods on which still it is necessary to find the buyer), how many by means of participation in numerous competitions which hold often both in the Network, and in real. And prizes sometimes happen such that completely pay back the means spent for a hobby.

Do needlework! It is possible to add also the tenth reason - it unites . It is possible to find adherents and in real, and in a virtual environment!