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Whether it is possible to learn happiness?

Often can be heard from lips of these or those people that our happiness - in our hands, the person is a smith of own happiness etc. All these phrases are known long ago and everything, here only in practice everything quite often is differently

Who does not want to be happy? Unless such will be? But, despite absolute desire of millions of people to be happy, to find a similar state it is subject to units. And not because it is impossible, and it is rather for the reason that happiness just - and needs to study.

Happiness is not just fleeting pleasure or positive emotions which sometimes rush into our life. Happiness is a state of mind . I will give a true-life story as an example. Some strange state is inherent in one my acquaintance to be constantly dissatisfied. At it is it is rather not result of some failures, bad mood or unprecedented vital difficulties. For it it is just habitual way of life or just that state, only, opposite, opposite to happiness. On a harmless question of people around: Why you are such sad? at it the same answer is always ready: And to what to rejoice - that? . This phrase enters someone from beginners into shock, and the others already got used. To prove how it is great that the long-awaited winter, senselessly came. In reply you will hear dissatisfied remarks that now it is necessary to freeze at a stop again, it is necessary to put on an old sheepskin coat, houses to shiver before a heater, but also snow did not manage to drop out as right there thaws etc. It is possible and not to try to convince her that unloved and a dead-end job sooner or later all - needs to be changed. Grins on the subject so also wait for me with open arms by all means will break silence for

Happiness - it is not obligatory the handsome at all - the husband, the smart car, work as the CEO of the profitable organization. Of course, all this beautiful, pleasant, tempting, but even someone`s such successful from outside life actually can be very much and very unfortunate.

The right for luck potentially is at all. They only need to use time and to get used to do it constantly, daily or even every second. How to find happiness? Very simply! Learn to enjoy every moment of the only, unique, unique life! Cannot be unfortunate only because someone offended you the unpleasant and unfair word, violated the promise, set up you at work, thought up and extended some tales about your life. Remember that all this acts of other people, but not yours. Why from similar mucks has to become worse to you? Pass all this by, do not allow others to exert negative impact on you, to operate your emotions. If you can easily be upset from - for unsuccessful the colleague`s jokes then why it is so difficult for you to smile and feel happy in the company of darling, expensive family, close friends?

Happiness does not depend on that progress or failures which are components of our life. It is possible to feel happy just like that, for example, if your kid learned to hold a spoon in hand, you read one of new books of the favourite writer, you managed to dovyazat a sweater which turned out very beautiful, having or perhaps woken up in the morning and having approached a window, you saw how the winter shrouded your city in a snow-white cover, or the flock of titmouses arrived to your window and chirps about happiness in the bird`s language To be healthy, necessary, favourite, and maybe simply loving is happiness too The main thing - to want to become the happy person, to get used to similar thoughts and not to allow an opportunity to live according to some other intolerable scenario.

If you look at all arising problems positively, then surround yourself with worthy people, be engaged to what the soul lies that does you better and happier. You give the love, solar mood and warm words to surrounding people. Do not allow anybody to steal from you own happiness, it only yours Be happy

and make happy others! ]