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How is to assistants to the People`s Deputy of Ukraine?

to Serve in the state field, to be the assistant to the People`s Deputy of Ukraine (farther in the text of the people`s deputy) - many aspire to it. And how work of the assistant - the consultant, objectively and unvarnished in practice looks?

It is pleasant to go to work to Parliament, all the same, that to visit the White House - you feel attached to a caste of the elite. Isn`t it? The downtown, an effective entrance, a careful search with an obligatory set of questions: Weapon, currency, drugs distrustful look frowningly, then under a peak and solemn entry into an office and daily routine - letters, shrill phone calls, drawing up deputy inquiries, reception of suffering visitors, and you what was expected? God-send?

Nobody believes that pay a little for such work, but it should be noted that assistants are different. Each people`s deputy has regular (4 persons) and non-staff (to 30 people) assistants. The quantity of shtatnik can increase depending on a post of the deputy (the chairman of parliamentary committee, the first deputy or the secretary).

Regular assistants carry out office functions, and non-staff usually are experts in different branches.

Assistants - consultants study bills for formation by the people`s deputy the opinions. Regular assistants process correspondence, prepare answers to letters of voters, inquiries in authorities. Writing of bills also belongs to a field of activity of assistants.

Regular, or staff - about two get paid from the state budget - three thousand dollars on four. The most important - under the law even for a month of work is appropriated to them a rank of the government employee. Upon transition to work to a state institution such person receives an essential additive to a salary. Treat them:

1. Working horses .

Make the immediate environment of the deputy, play a role of the buffer between the deputy and visitors .

Functional duties: answers to letters of voters, the embodiment of oral legislative initiatives of the people`s deputy in the text, examination of documents. And still - office and other, the " type; bring - give - run .

2. Osobista .

Other position is held by the assistants who are carrying out special (delicate) orders of the boss. All in what secret agents, with all that it implies were engaged belongs to their powers. At osobist and special income. If working horses receive $400-500, seldom $700-800, osobist easily earn the sums with three zero a month.

3. Careerists.

the Young specialist, in a standard business suit with a tie, working for the sake of future career in authorities or business. In the lump of assistants such the majority.

Sphere of activity - examination, consultation, communication with the high-ranking officials. Paper work.

4. Models.

the Young deputies seeking to draw attention to themselves invite to work of assistants with model appearance. " Models; serve coffee, render office and representative services.

Some render all complex of the services .

Non-staff assistants are divided into different groups depending on personal motives and the purposes:

1. Checkpoints.

the Most numerous class. Exist for the sake of obtaining the certificate of deputy assistants. Such certificate - one of the most quick-selling goods in the market of documents. Having contacts with regular assistants, itself can organize the certificate. In regions of a crust with the words assistant to the People`s Deputy have magic influence on representatives of state bodies, supervisory authorities, bodies of supervision and so forth

2. Left.

Such assistants usually have no relation to to the to the deputy. People`s deputies often suffer from numerous representatives of this group. Getting into the scandalous situation connected, for example, with excitement against them criminal cases begin to manipulate the certificate, and opponents of the people`s deputy instantly use a situation in the purposes.

What we have in dry rest ?

To be fair, army of numerous assistants - different and everyones all - it is necessary to people`s deputies. Assistants cook on the nitty-gritty of politics useful and necessary bills for which then deputies vote in the Verkhovna Rada. In their hands, almost completely, there are inquiries on behalf of the deputy in different state structures, for example, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc. Inquiries can become rather effective remedy of extra earnings when grateful customer in total - will decide to thank.

If all of you - made the decision to help to the people`s deputy in any quality, it is worth thinking properly of irregular working hours, that you should deal with a large number of different people, in the majority of mentally unbalanced. Add to it ability to reincarnate sharply from the manager in the schemer, to solve non-standard problems and to run behind banal rolls or beer for the chief, often at own expense since the deputy with himself always has no trifle!

Interestingly and what difficulties arise in work of assistants to deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation? Tell, colleagues!]