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Who quicker? Yandex cup on high-speed search on the Internet of

What is Yandex Cup

With 2001 the company of Yandex is carried out so-called Yandex Cup - high-speed search competition on the Internet (other names - The Open Russian Cup on search on the Internet Yandex. Cup ) .

Yandex. Cup - this action which evidently and spectacularly shows information opportunities of the Internet and attracts a great number of participants and fans from among enthusiasts of the Global Network. Participants of the Cup compete in ability to find in the Internet for the minimum time answers to the questions offered by organizers.

Competition takes place rules of competition in three rounds: two correspondence and internal final. Anyone registered on the Cup website can play in the first round. In the first round six games are held, and the player can take part in several: to offset there is the best result.

Game lasts one hour, it is necessary to answer 20 questions (i.e. on search of the answer three minutes on average are given). In the answer the reference to a web - the page containing the answer, and the text of the answer has to be surely specified. During game the participant can use any search engine. For each right answer the player gets one point.

In the second round there pass 100 players who showed the best results on quantity of points and also all players who gathered as much points how many and the player on 100 - m the place. 2 - y round consists from 2 - x parts. Each part consists of six questions and 30 minutes proceed. For example, there are parts Search of object and " Lists;. In Search of object the player has to find the text or the image of the set document, and in " Lists; - to continue the list given by organizers.

The final is reached by 8 players - winners 2 - go round. 9 - y the player is chosen by lot among the players who took the following 20 places in 2 - m round. The final consists from 2 - x parts: all-round and running of prize-winners. All-round represents three games (for 15 minutes everyone) from 5 - ti tasks: search of pictures, the websites of the organizations and objects for downloading (programs, music, video etc.) . Following the results of all-round three winners are defined. The Cup comes to an end with running of prize-winners. The three of finalists plays the first places: they consistently answer questions, and for receiving access to the following question it is necessary to answer previous correctly.

The winner of competition receives an honorary title The Person who found everything Yandex Cup, and also valuable prize.

Since 2007 The Person who found everything in any of last Cups, cannot participate in final game of the subsequent Cups.

Winners of Yandex - the Cup

I (2001). A nose Anton (a prize - ZhK - the SyncMaster 770TFT Monitor)

II (2001) Stepanov Vladimir (a trip for two on a " championship stage; Formula One in Monaco)

III (2002) Sobolev Alexander (the Fujitsu laptop - Siemens Amilo)

IV (2003) Yutsis Mikhail (PEUGEOT 206 car)

V (2004) Charykov Alexey (Š car; coda Octavia)

VI (2005) Makhanyok Igor (502 thousand rubles)

VII (2006) Makhanyok Igor (601 thousand rubles)

VIII (2007) Fursov Denis (701 thousand rubles)

The VIII Cup of Yandex came to the end on December 13, 2007. Owner of a cup, The Person who found everything there was Denis Fursov (St. Petersburg). The second place was taken by Artem Rakhimov (Ufa), the third - Kirill Karatyshov (Sydney).

Examples of tasks of the Cup of Yandex

you can check efficiency of the search technique, having tried to answer questions of Cups of Yandex, for example:

Call the number of heads in the story stated by the shvambransky admiral Ardelyar Keyes (the participant of the VII Cup gave the answer in 55 seconds);

In what year after Nicholas II`s death the throne was occupied by Alexander II? (the participant of the VI Cup gave the answer in 128 seconds);

In what year the singer Lyudmila Zykina became an associate professor? (the participant of the V Cup gave the answer in 26 seconds);

How much is absinthe liqueur in Pink elephant Polyarnye Zori? (the participant of the VI Cup gave the answer in 30 seconds).

Regional Cups of Yandex

Krom basic Yandex Cup, with assistance of Yandex regional Cups are held. Netrix Cup in Israel held in July - was August, 2003 the first regional competition. It was followed by school and general Cups in various cities of Russia: Makhachkala, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Kirov, St. Petersburg and others, and also in Minsk (Belarus), Lviv (Ukraine) and Menlo - Park (California, the USA). In February, 2006 and March, 2007. The institute of arts education (IGUMO) held competitions for entrants to the first prize - receipt and free training.

You quickly find any information? Take part in Yandex Cup!]