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Who quicker? Championship on high-speed assembly of the " personal computer

The GIGABYTE company since 2003 holds the championship on high-speed assembly of the computer in Russia, it is called Collect the " computer;. At first there take place selection competitions in the different cities (this year competitions took place in Tambov, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Bryansk, Pskov, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Tver, Moscow).

Winners of selection competitions meet in the final which takes place in the end of the year in Moscow.

Rules of the championship

1. Anyone can take part in competition, it is necessary to be registered only.

2. It is possible to be registered not later, than in 30 minutes prior to competition.

3. The registered players who successfully passed test are allowed to participation in assembly.

4. Testing traditionally takes place on a venue, questions of testing simple, but mean a minimum level of preparation.

5. Assembly happens on 5 computers at the same time and happens in several approaches of different groups of participants.

6. Each participant allowed to assembly gets to one of groups and makes one approach to a table for assembly throughout all competition.

7. The maximum time of assembly - 15 minutes.

8. All necessary equipment and tools are provided by the organizer of the championship. The participant can use only the hands and knowledge.

9. For loading of system participants use the diskette offered by organizers.

10. All accessories have to be fixed by the necessary number of screws. It will be controlled. If the screw is lost - it is possible to use spare.

11. The BIOS settings are established in advance, by default.

12. Before assembly the collected system which he will have to sort previously is provided to the participant (this time is not considered in competition summing up the results).

13. After the end of assembly of the computer and emergence on the screen of the invitation of A:/>, the participant raises a hand. At this moment time will be recorded.

14. The participant bears partial responsibility for damage during assembly of computer accessories.

15. The participant who assembled the computer for the minimum time in comparison with all participants who were taking part in competition is considered the winner.

An approximate configuration of the computer for assembly :

The motherboard - GIGABYTE GA - 8I945PLGE - RH

The graphic card - GIGABYTE GV - RX13128D - RH

The processor - Intel Celeron D 326 775 - LGA

Random access memory - Kingston 512MB DDR2 - 533

A cooler - Intel BOX

HDD - WD 40 Gb SATA150 (400JD)

FDD - 3. 5 FDD

DVD - ROM - LG GDR - 8163B/8164B

The monitor - Acer 17 LCD AL1706(b)

The case - Miditower INWIN S500 ATX 350W

The keyboard - Microsoft Basic Black PS/2

A mouse - Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Black PS2/USB

Results of the final of the " championship; Collect the " computer; -2005 (on October 22, Moscow):

1. Medvedev Andrey - 3:48

2. Baboyev Artur - 4:37

3. Novolodtsky Timofey - 4:44.

Results of the final of the " championship; Collect the " computer; -2006 (on November 8, Moscow):

1. Medvedev Andrey - 4:10

2. Abaydullin Rinat - 4:41

3. Zatovka Valery - 4:41.

Results of the final of the " championship; Collect the " Computer; -2007 (on December 2, Moscow):

1. Medvedev Andrey - 4:02

2. Demkin Vitaly - 4:05

3. Abaydullin Rinat - 4:09.

All finalists are awarded with prizes, and the winner - the permit to Thailand.

You quickly sobirayeshpk? Participate in the " championship; Collect the " computer;!]