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VTF: all intelligence have to be geniuses and missa of a beauty contest of the Universe of

Any created and the bodies created in the future (beginning with the Universe finishing viruses) appear with couples (The man - the Count and the Woman - the Countess, or the Woman - the Matrix and the Man - Patritsa, or the Man - with odd (minus sign) and the Woman - a code - number even - a plus). At the same time for them all vital conditions and further development are created. Then it turns out that Mankind came on ready - to a wedding, but walked, and walks badly. So we lived so far. The present is harvests last and seeds future. Harvests were not qualitative, from them the seeded seeds gave Artificial Intelligence (Robots). If the created bodies appear with shortcomings and begin to live, then Time and Life exclude from vigorous activity, without feeling sorry for them. I Consider

that the created any bodies do not disappear, - organisms do not perish, and over time passed from one state into others. Then this body over time completely decay - become a drop and a mote - forces of a magnetic attraction between cages, components this body are absent. I. Kepler wrote: My purpose consists in showing that the heavenly car has to be similar not to a divine organism, and to a clockwork as all movements arise by the one and only and very simple magnetic force . The death is a dream and now it is time to wake - to revive, many under various reasons early went to bed.

If to compare age of the Universe, Earth and Mankind, then we appeared recently.

Means, the Universe and Earth existed without Mankind, and they could live further.

arise theoretical solutions of problems of cloning of eternal and ideal intelligence From here - geniuses at first, correcting the made mistakes by means of the fresh wording and the proof of the great theorem of Fermat.

Is necessary recognizes from the fact that

- each person and its making cages and each integer - single copies, has a name, monads and colors. They do not coincide with each other. Means, each body - is one of its cages. Then part to equally whole. In one cage all information on the body is enclosed. Each of parts independently, but it is identical whole, i.e. each intelligence is so god, as well as god.

- Earth - so far the house and Cradle of Humankind. In the house each intelligence irrespective of the nation, nationalities, religions - the single copy. Each family has the ideal identical house. Each adult inhabitant knows all available bodies in the house of color, a name, the sizes, the weight and where. Each intelligence knows the duties, and carry out them as to a bee family, money does not receive for work. In the house all speak one language.

In the house and in the yard normal temperature: 20 - 25 .


- each person of the world anew on a code - number is cloned eternal and ideal intelligence at the age of 25 years which stepped, are reduced to this age;

- to each intelligence find the only couple and are anew made by Parasochetaniya. We begin everything with 0 - with a blank sheet - since 1 century;

- begins to work the principles of communism: world, work, freedom, equality, brotherhood, happiness;

- is created a complex of programs, belongings to the defined sex which are precisely defining each intelligence of the world;

- is created a complex of programs, the showing developments of the child, since a germ to the 25th summer age and further everyone;

- is created a complex of programs, accurately planning families. From ideal intelligence have to be born same ideal and eternal;

- in a human body and in the Universe accurately work systems: information, irrigational, constitutional, food, transport and power;

- the created (cloned) ideal bodies to introduce the anti-virus program of high level with updates as in computers, always they healthy, young, only to monitor food - density of distribution of cages.

remains carrying out experiments Now.

In more detail in tm. iatp. net]