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In what advantages of sea fish?

are known to All that fish is a most valuable and nutritious product which at least few times in a week has to be present at our diet. Historically it developed so that in our country fish fresh-water enjoyed special popularity. In some regions this situation remains still. Still, if near by there is some rivulet or, on the contrary, the big river, for example, great Volga - the mother, or perhaps the lake or a pond, then fishing for many inhabitants becomes not only hobby, but also sometimes even livelihood of own family. Went, the lunch and even a dinner caught a small fish on a zharyokha, and here to you It is known that on abundance and richness of fish and fish products our country had always not equal.

As for fish sea, on sale there is a huge range now. Exotic species of fish and not fish seafood are widely presented in distribution networks. If it was possible to try sea mollusks or oysters only at any very expensive restaurants earlier, then now the situation is better And it is quite justified, advantages at sea fish an incalculable set.

In - the first, the main plus which distinguishes inhabitants of the seas from their river relatives is a high content of full-fledged protein . Protein of fish, as well as meat, contains all irreplaceable amino acids, and it is acquired much quicker and easier. Depending on breed of sea fish percentage the squirrel hesitates ranging from 20 to 26 percent. For comparison - in river it seldom reaches 20 percent.

Not so there is a lot of fat in fish in this connection the caloric content of fish is much lower, than meat. But cod-liver oil is a unique source of polysaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic and arkhidonovy which are a part of cells of a brain and cellular covers. Fat of cod liver, tuna, sea eel is very rich with vitamins A and D (0,5 - 0,9 mg/%).

Also sea fish contains the whole complex of B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP vitamins . There is in it and a vitamin C , but in smaller quantities.

Sea fish indulges our organism iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur . Distinguish from other minerals which help to support good health bromine, fluorine, copper, iron, zinc, manganese , etc. By the way, it is proved that in fresh-water fish, unlike sea, there are no iodine and bromine.

And finally I will notice that ways of preparation sea fish differ from river. If you want to feed a family or guests with rather tasty and useful sea fish dish, then will not prevent to remember some of the rule:

1. At long cooking or suppression sea fish completely loses the structure, turns into tasteless porridge. Besides, long preparation promotes loss of vitamins. Control time not to spoil a small fish!

2. Sea fish has a specific smell. Roasting of fish in pastry and batter helps to correct this shortcoming. It will help to keep natural properties of fish and to eliminate a pungent iodide smell. Also it is recommended to soak previously fish in milk or in the water acidified by lemon juice.

3. sea fish never has to food a head in which harmful substances are laid.

4. Before preparation sea fish should be defrozen in cold water. It is impossible to do it by means of warm or hot water. So fish will become tasteless and will lose a look.

Appetizing to you sea fish dishes! Health and good health!]