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How to become happy by means of water?

When the Japanese scientist, the philosopher of water Masaru Emoto decided to freeze water and to look at ice crystals, they always turned out different, and sometimes and at all did not turn out. Having experimented with water from various cities and sources, he assumed that, perhaps, the form of the crystals which are formed when freezing water is defined by information imprinted in water.

For check of this idea it poured water in two glass small bottles. On one of them pasted a label with the inscription Thanks and on another - You are a fool . Experiment was successful - on thanks water reacted with formation of the amazing crystals reminding beautifully facetted diamonds. In the second small bottle crystals did not appear.

On the basis of the opening Masaru Emoto created the whole science that all real has characteristic vibrations, or hado. This thin energy can be both positive, and negative, and is easily transferred from one object to another. Thoughts you are a fool it is inherent own hado which deforms crystals. And beautiful snowflakes reflect positive hado.

If we follow Masaru Emoto`s advice, then water can grant our desires and make our life quieter and happier.

Pour a little water in a glass small bottle. Better distilled, but any will approach. State the request to water in a small bottle. It would be best of all to address it with a prayer - the prayer will transform in a magic way water. But it is possible and just to talk to water. The desire surely has to be in an assertive form in the present. I want to be the famous journalist does not approach. It is necessary so - I am the famous journalist, my fees begin from 200 dollars . And mentally present execution.

Of course, it is not possible to modern person to talk to water on some hours a day. Therefore it is possible to write down the address on a piece of paper and to attach it to the container with water the face inside. In addition it is necessary to address water verbally from time to time and to periodically stir up capacity. It makes active water and increases vibration force. It is desirable to drink five glasses of such water a day. And your desire will surely come true!

If you have no concrete desires, it is possible to influence water the words love and appreciation and just to talk to it. Words Love and appreciation - really work wonders, from them the most beautiful crystals turned out. Masaru Emoto wrote them, of course, in Japanese. But it is interesting that water reacted similar (but not identical!) in the way and on words of other languages.

That your life was filled with happiness, waking up in the morning, look at a glass with water (put on a little table in advance). About half-minute express to water the gratitude words: I Thank you and I ask about good today . Then drink a half of water. Then think of what you need to make today. Mentally representing a successful completion of each task, tell water: Thanks to you, passed everything well . Also drink the remained water.

In a bathroom it is desirable to attach paper leaflets with the words thanks and love and appreciation which will improve hado the chlorinated tap water.

Try to find in the morning time for slow walk. For you it is unattainable luxury? But it is necessary just to lay down earlier and earlier to rise. Slowly spent morning hours promote measured life. try not only to eat well

in the Morning, but also without haste to enjoy tea drinking.

open windows More often to provide receipt to the room of fresh air. Still water is always worse flowing, the same is fair also concerning moisture in air.

After work you had a desire to drink a little together with employees? According to Emoto, in general at alcohol favorable hado if not to abuse, of course. But only do not gossip about the administration at all, then you will create around yourself negative vibrations, talk about something abstract better.

Before going to bed drink water, observing similar morning ritual. Give about three minutes to water and express gratitude for perfectly lived day.

Let begins and comes to an end your day with water. You - water, and it is quite natural.