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Why people want to be well-known?

you Remember series Be not born beautiful ? In it our fellow countryman, the resident of Smolensk Sergey Bolotayev acted. At that time it was already known in cinema circles. But after display turned gray to Sergey the glory came. Bolotayev dreamed of glory, and already which - that he achieved on this way. Now even more often offer Sergey not supporting roles. And fans tear off the mobile phone.

A to this hour of triumph Sergey devoted to cinema nearly six years of life. The actor, the stuntman, the athlete and the businessman Bolotayev acted in thirty movies and series generally in roles of militiamen yes of bandits. And it was fallen in love to the audience only as the security guard from Zima - Letto . However this fact does not confuse the boxer at all. He persistently does not want to give up, continues to experiment: tries on various roles, goes to a casting, promotes own car showroom and hopes to play the robber in some fairy tale. And still dreams to subdue foreign cinema.

Sergey comes to Smolensk not often and that to visit parents, to meet the son and to restore health. With friends of a meeting plans seldom. However, as soon as they learn about visit of the star friend, do not give minutes of rest: restaurants, saunas, shish kebabs outdoors. In a word, culturally - the mass program is made in several minutes and for the whole week. Memoirs are enough for long time the Actor from Smolensk hides nothing

about dreams, plans and secrets of secret life.

- You acted in many series and full-length pictures, but became popular from - for Potapkin`s roles in Beauty is not happiness . How you think why the previous works did not bring such glory?

- I at cinema more than seven years. I always liked the actor`s profession. This life attracted. Together with my friend Sergey Dorofeyev famous for the stuntman, by the way, he is from Smolensk too, did tricks to series Bayazet . I even played five epizodny roles there. On a book " cover; Bayazet - my photo. And that is why became known as Potapkin I do not even know Perhaps, the series pleased the mass viewer? (laughs)

- What changed in your life with arrival of such popularity?

- Yes, actually, anything. Became just more recognizable - leaving in the people, it is necessary to pull a baseball cap on a forehead and to raise a collar. Something like conspiracy. Now, however, the boom on Potapkin began to pass. With traffic police officers still I pay for speeding photos. Yet never fined.

- Where it is pleasant to act more: in TV series or feature films?

- Everything depends on what role you play. I like roles in comedies, historical movies, fighters, roles where there are tricks. You feel a certain adrenaline. It is interesting. And Potapkin, by the way, had one scene when he twisted nunchak. Then I could show the kaskadersky experience.

I will not exchange the profession on any another. It as drug. If there is a work, there is an action, then you come to life. If work stops, begin to be nervous.

If to speak about difficulties of process, then not easy to play in the good movie, to act at those directors whom producers limit in number of shootings. Earlier the film were shot by from 5 to 10 years. And now practically all cinemas producer: invested funds have to return. All remember White sun of the desert Gentlemen of good luck . There are no similar movies now. Because they do not pay off. Here also shoot series: hooked on the viewer right at the beginning, he also will look further.

- What was the most difficult in series Beauty is not happiness ?

- before I never played comedy roles. Somehow more criminal and militia. To play Potapkin it was difficult. Generally the role was calculated on only 5 series. But thanks to the director Stas Nazirov who thought up this security guard, quantity mine series increased. Potapkin is something average between the ensign of the Russian army and the Hollywood actor Jim Carrey.

The last series of these series if you noticed, with higher quality. We had an opportunity to rehearse. And at the beginning directors of it did not demand. All removed very quickly. Several doubles were not welcomed. It was necessary to do everything accurately and at once. Shootings went round the clock. Per day removed a series. Next day mounted, sounded, and brought to channel - with flashers, end-to-end to display. It was, actually, difficult to work there. Then began to carry out rehearsals of actions, run of the text on the platform.

- Open a secret: what happened on the platform out of shootings? - it is A lot of

interesting! We joked, were kidding one above another. Some even got with each other novels. And still noticed that nobody knows my real name, or does not remember. All address me as to Potapkin. Even my own wife! Perhaps popularity also consists in it? (laughs). You know, I suggested to make a scene where we from Nellie Uvarova drink cognac and I will eat in Georgian. I think, it would enter the audience into shock. The idea, unfortunately, was not carried out.

- In Beauty is not happiness it was possible to depart from the scenario?

- All actors were strictly controlled by the special producer on the platform. It put on earphones, and in hands the text. If told not so the phrase, stop shooting and force to speak correctly. To the only thing to whom allowed to distort phrases it was Potapkin. My hero spoke as wanted. Took as a basis the former semi-stupid military who in life except automatic machines saw nothing. The most real " boot; which got to model agency.

- You acted in many series. What it is pleasant to you more?

- Me many are pleasant. I would allocate Beauty is not happiness movie And you to it who (I played the GAI officer there), series Man and woman The Citizen the chief - 3 Gena Kayumova. He, by the way, removes very orderly and very accurately.

- How to the actor to behave in a tone, in the form, necessary for shootings?

- Nobody forces to behave in a tone. Under a certain role a certain invoice is necessary. If you approach according to the invoice, then you approach for this role and if is not present, so you do not have this role. Why itself to strain? Believe, none of actors behave in necessary to a form. There is a genetic factor. My genetic factor does not strain me. I love myself it what I was created by the nature! I have a weight surplus in 20 kilograms! But I do not keep to special diets. Periodically I refuse bread and potato, I eat only cucumbers and tomatoes, I drink kefir. And then it bothers me. Also I come back to normal food.

- In the past you are a professional boxer. What role sport occupies in your life now?

- Boxing faded into the background. Now it does not mean to me so much how a few years ago. Ran earlier in the mornings. Now in the mornings I smoke cigarettes and I drink coffee. Sometimes I go in spotrzat to practice boxing.

- Roles of athletes offered?

- I in many roles have a hand-to-hand fight. For example, The Citizen the chief - 3 . I played the captain of FSB. There everywhere fights, captures. I did everything.

- Let`s talk about career

- I have a remarkable career - studio of musical cars. This hobby which occupies a lot of free and not free time. 4 months with me two friends work. I opened " salon; Carmoozone that there were stable earnings.

- In what you are engaged there?

- I Change design of a motor show: TVs, DVD, I do beautiful podiums, I draw salon (under each driver is selected individually). Recently cars which did in my salon won first place in the All-Russian competition in audio - to a sound Emma .

- Visitors as react to Potapkin - an avtotyuningist?

- For many it in wonder. And I like to potter with cars! I want to organize still a sink where little girls in bathing suits will wash cars.

- And what it is better - salon or cinema?

- It is made different things. Does not disturb one another. They even something are similar. At cinema you change heroes, and in the same way you change a car as the artist.

- Means, your passion is cars?

- Yes, it is right. The second passion - women.

- And with what directors would like to work?

- Recently I cooperate with those directors whom I respect: Nikolay Stambula, Tigran Keosayan, Marlen Khutsiev. The last shoots movies seldom. I acted at it in the movie Not evening . Played a role of the eldest son Lev Tolstoy. This movie is shot three years especially for the Venice festival. Khutsiev is the master of the Russian cinema. Here at it is to what to learn!

- It is not a role of the bandit

is already classics.

- In classics pay to friendship much attention. And what in your understanding friendship?

- to be on friendly terms, means to give itself, to help the person. In due time I got acquainted with the most great actor - Krasko. However, from - for shootings and a lack of time, we communicated not so often as it would be desirable. Long time acted with it in series U. E . It played a retired feesbeshnik, and I played the mafioso. Shootings took place in the usual mode. But we managed to communicate. Often spoke with it about life, about cinema. It was the remarkable sociable person. Ivanych seldom appeared in Moscow. We were crossed at the general friends. Made plans

- You devote to creative career much time?

- Career is a destiny. It can be built in certain professions, for example, in medicine to apply new techniques. In art absolutely other career. In life, irrespective of your talent, there is a heap of nuances which do not depend on you. For example, shootings of certain pictures where the certain invoice selected for roles of certain heroes is necessary. I consider that career does not depend on the person. You can be noticed, at some moment to use, and then in general to forget.

- Means, the producer - the pusher is necessary

is by itself. It is a lot of talented actors who do not act in at film. They play all life in theater. And on wide screens do not get.

- Your heart is free now?

- my heart is always free. It at me big also belongs to me. In it it is possible to accomodate many people. Perhaps therefore I am married for the third time!

- Really on shootings was fond of nobody? - Is not present

. I consider, it is impossible to combine work with private life.

- Antipenko combined.

- I consider it wrong. Work has to be work.

- And at first sight you believe in love?

- Yes, but the fourth time I do not marry! There has to be a limit. God loves a Trinity.

- What girls are pleasant to you?

- Honest. Cultural. It is difficult to tell now. At parameters 90 - 60 - 90 I do not look. Not this main thing in the person. I like people to whom it is possible to communicate. With which it is interesting.

- Heard that you are going to subdue the foreign audience.

- So far it did not occur. I do not want anything to tell in advance, otherwise will not come true. I will tell only that I dream to conquer the whole world and to marry Madonna or Shakir.]