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How to hide the mistress from the wife?

the Modern Man always has to have the mistress and the wife. It is necessary only to learn to hide the first from the second. To the contrary,

should intimidate the second the first.

And therefore, men, take seats more conveniently, get notebooks and pens and begin to write off with the screen of the rule of good Change. Men can use the organizers, average men more abruptly - cross over Soviet daily logs. To poor men a request to depart away and not to block pass.

And now under my dictation we write everything: I do not need problems . So, the most important - to remember that the communication is longer, the it is more difficult to hide it.

A conclusion arises by itself with

1. The thicket should change mistresses

Why? - poor men from pass will cry. And therefore! In - the first because any woman quickly becomes boring. In - the second, the stale mistress already almost the wife. In - the third, any woman from the long-legged blonde with slightly hoarse sexual voice turns over time into a loud figure with pronounced signs of the shrew. From this point the cheerful petty intrigue flows in a headache and nervous breakdown.

2. You watch yourself during telephone conversations

do not afford a lascivious look if at this moment you diligently utter: Hallo! And, Aristarkh Ipatich! Tomorrow a bit earlier? After work? Of course, I will be! I do not speak about those thoughtless men who, speaking by phone, remove on the telephone book a name of the mistress large printing letters. And then are surprised: From where my Marusya found out about my Dusya?

3. Do not cause suspicions

More precisely, do not give a reason to be suspected. Do not close a door and do not whisper in a tube. To lie so to lie - selflessly and fearlessly. As the famous literary character, " spoke; most interesting in this lies the fact that it is lies from the first to the last word . NEVER be closed in a bathroom during telephone conversation - it will only push your spouse to own independent investigation. Remember, the man! Practically at all wives after a marriage a certain body which they overhear strenuously develops, spy and sniff up.

4. In the mornings, having put on hours, do not forget about " pants; Quite so - never and leave nothing

at the mistress at home. Before running away to home-made pies, be run by a jog trot on rooms, surely check - under a pillow and under a bed. It seems everything is pure, it is possible and home... We know feature lyubovnich! Here is how will call then your wife: Oh, tell to Nikolay that chasytrusymobilny phone he forgot the at me, and that he will worry, it at me without chasovtrusovmobila as without hands. Who speaks? Fellow worker, who else. All right, the darling, I hang up a tubule . And if she appears suddenly to you home to bring chasy etc. personally?-!

5. And still! What will be at your mistress of similarity to the wife more, that your life will be simpler.

For example, buying perfume to the mistress, buy just the same to the wife. And at you the problem " will disappear; What it from you smells of? You were with another? . It is very convenient whether you know. Try not to call also the mistress by name. Not to call in vain the wife by her name. Could suit it: kitty, hare, sweetheart and so on.

And here the man from the first row pulls a hand and asks a question: And whether there is it everything it? I absolutely agree with it - is not necessary. Only for some reason this thought comes when it is absolutely impossible to stick together the smashed life.

Good luck to you!]