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How to struggle with sleeplessness?

the Dream is necessary for each living being not less, than food or air. In a dream muscles which are all day in tension relax to hold our body in sitting or vertical position; the nervous system has a rest; cells of skin are updated. Therefore long wakefulness, a broken sleep, in an uncomfortable position shatters health and reduces life.

Meanwhile, the sleeplessness problem, alas, becomes known every year to the increasing number of people. In what its reasons and whether there is a well-tried remedy to get rid of this misfortune?

Exists many reasons causing sleeplessness, but main presently, certainly, it is possible to consider nervous overfatigue. Especially it affects in the absence of regular physical activities. Therefore you do not hurry to blame the atmosphere of your office - perhaps, all reason for a lack of the movement. In that case a conclusion is clear: try to move more, do not use the elevator. If there is no opportunity to visit a gym, then whenever possible go to work on foot, and during week-end nevertheless find time to go with relatives out of town.

Also for removal of a nervous tension it is useful to take a bath before going to bed - for 10 - 15 minutes, water temperature - 36 - 40 degrees. Such bathtub will be most effective if to add the calming herbs to water (they are on sale in any drugstore) or special essential oil (it also is in drugstores and esoteric shops, but there it should be bought, only if you are capable to distinguish approximately the real oil from a fake or if so you trust the seller).

If you are disturbed by not the general tension, but some specific problems which solution you cannot find yet then it will be best of all to ask for the help the expert - the psychologist. In it there is nothing shameful as the psychologist, unlike the psychiatrist, by definition works with healthy people. The expert will pick up technology of relaxation, suitable you, and will help to look at the available difficulties from other point of view.

However not always the reason of sleeplessness is hidden in the emotional sphere of the person. Often it is caused by physical discomfort. In that case I recommend to you to check whether your bedroom is well aired for the night, whether the pillow and a mattress are rather convenient, whether excess light or sounds gets indoors. It is quite probable that any of factors imperceptible at first sight and became the reason of your indisposition.

Also ability to fall asleep quickly is negatively influenced by lack of the mode - try to go to bed at the same time, at the same time it is necessary to have supper not later than 2 - 3 hours to a dream. By the way, experts claim that the most useful hours of a dream - before midnight.

Certainly, it is necessary to consider that the need for a dream at various people is not identical, however, its average value - about 8 hours for the adult. There are people who have enough of six - or even five-hour rest. If you from such - do not force themselves to sleep longer than the habitual term as surplus of a dream, as well as its shortcoming, is fraught with negative consequences for health.]