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In what main secret of all winners and lucky persons?

On thoughts see off

Francis Galton, the famous English scientist and the cousin of Charles Darwin, differed in big originality. And, not only in life, but also in work. Once Francis decided on a peculiar experiment. Before going to daily walk on streets of London, it rose in front of the mirror and, looking to itself(himself) in eyes, began to inspire: I am a disgusting, vile, insignificant, disgusting person who in England is hated by all! After five minutes of such self-hypnosis it went, as usual, to walk.

First everything went as usual. But Francis began to try to catch on himself contemptuous and fastidious eyes of passersby soon. He thought that it only seemed to it. However many passersby frankly turned away from it, and several times in its address the rough abuse for no reason at all sounded. In port one of loaders when Galton passed by it, so sadanut, allegedly inadvertently, the scientist an elbow that that flopped in dirt. Moreover, appear, the hostile relation was transferred even to animals. When it passed by the harnessed stallion, that unexpectedly kicked the scientist in a hip so that it was again tumbled down on the earth. Galton tried to cause sympathy in eyewitnesses, but, to the great amazement, heard that people began to protect an animal. Having decided not to wait until its mental experiment leads to more serious consequences, Galton hurried home.

This reliable history is described in many textbooks of psychology. From it it is possible to draw two important conclusions: the person represents that he thinks of himself. Each of us does not have need to report to people around about the self-assessment and a state of mind - they and so it will be felt.

Killed with fear

It is not terrible, terrible to Die - to die - Goethe said. Once to one of convicts to death brought instead of a bowl with poison usual water. The king wanted to play the prisoner thus. However that, having drunk a bowl with water, to great surprise of the king and his confidants, failed dead.

And here a case from the French criminal chronicle of the beginning of the 20th century. The supervisor of the Parisian lyceum the behavior summoned hatred from students, and they decided to revenge it. Students seized the supervisor, brought into the semibasement room and in masks arranged trial of it. Acted prosecutor who on behalf of all students accused him in crimes having listed everything it crimes . Court sentenced him to beheading. Brought an executioner`s block and the axe and declared to the convict that he had only three minutes on finishing all terrestrial calculations and to prepare for death. After this term it was forced to kneel and put the head on an executioner`s block. One participant of this cruel entertainment brought the axe, and the second hit with a towel on a neck. After that students with a laughter suggested it to rise. To their great surprise and a fright, sentenced did not move a little - it was dead with

of the Convict not the bowl with poison, and the supervisor - not the axe killed. They were killed by fear. That is what they inspired in themselves and what believed in though in reality the situation was absolutely safe for their life. What they to themselves napridumat for them was more terrible than the death.

According to the American physicians, the phrase painful concern or to be frightened to death have to be used not figuratively, and in the most direct. Scientists of the medical center in Boston conducted researches which proved a direct connection between negative thinking and diseases of the person. Watching group of the patients entering into risk group on warmly - to vascular diseases, physicians came to conclusion: those women who were sure that they surely will have heart troubles 4 times more often really got sick. According to doctor Artur Barski, patients who kept thinking that there is with them something not so and expected a tolkoplokhy outcome, as a result indeed attracted to an illness.

Similar research among patients of surgical office was carried out by professor of Harvard university Herbert Benson. On its supervision if before operation the patient thinks only of a bad outcome, then in 80% of cases surgical intervention came to an end with complications and even death.

Sad thoughts reduce life

the American scientist Michael Oppenheim in the book Encyclopedia of man`s health gives the curious facts.

In 1990 in Magazine of the American medical association article about that how strong can be communication between reason and a body was published. It turned out that death rate among elderly Jews decreases before Easter. Easter for Jews - one of the major religious holidays; in particular for fathers and grandfathers who predominate during this celebration. At once upon termination of celebration of Easter death rate among men sharply increases, and then again decreases to average. Researches of the Californian university found the same phenomenon, but this time among aged Chinese women among whom death rate quickly fell before the Festival of the fruitful moon having special value for elderly women. Figures demonstrated that cheerful, with impatience the festivals expected by the Jewish men and old Chinese women supported in some way in them life before the fun termination .

However any medal has the back. And if good thoughts strengthen health, then bad can serve bad service.

The First incontestable proof of that, - Oppenheim continues, - that sad thoughts can damage to the person, came to light incidentally during implementation of the American space program. In 60 - 70 - x years young engineers and psychologists of the " spaceport; Cape Kennedy taking part in sending astronauts for the Moon, began to perish from the heart attacks coming with the disturbing frequency. Hard drinkings, abuse of drugs and stains in this group were also at suspiciously high level.

When people die from warmly - vascular diseases, doctors usually pay attention to standard risk factors - the high level of cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and smoking. These factors at inhabitants Cape Kennedy were in norm limits. Besides, obstruction of coronary arteries - a usual cause of death was not found in them at heart attacks. Which - who in the American government already reflected whether Russians are involved in it, but the true reason of misfortunes was soon found.

From - for financial problems working personnel of the spaceport underwent big reduction. The people who still yesterday were the best experts - rocketeers, could become the unemployed today. Despite the general progress of the space program, at the related scientists unusually high level of concern and depressions was noted. The excitement caused by fear for the future led to massive release of adrenaline and other substances which quickly put a cardiac muscle out of action. All these people were in a literal sense frightened to death .

Main secret of all winners

of B Dkhamapade the ancient collection of Buddhist wisdom, it is told: Everything, than we are, there is a result of the fact that we thought. Our life is based on our thoughts and is created by our thoughts . In other wise book, Talmud it is told: We see things not such what they are, and such what we are . In other words, what our thoughts, such is and our life. From there is the greatest secret which was known by wise people of all of centuries: if you want to change the life - change yourself. Or, more precisely, - change the thoughts. Only our consciousness turns surrounding things, events and people into good or the evil, and ourselves - or into lucky, or poor creatures. Either in losers, or in winners.

on the sports ground of the Hawaiian university met Once two soccer teams - local and team of leaders of the championship from the city of Wyoming. (It is about the American soccer.) After the first half owners lost with the score 22:0, and the impression was just mourning in the stands. Was not to recognize children from local team - they though ran from all forces, but nothing was impossible to them. They were going to give battle, but also did not dare to think that they can win against team which for the whole year lost to nobody and was the leader already several seasons in a row. you can present to

in what mood players went from the field to a locker room after the first half. Their trainer understood that in a condition of such despair to its team it is possible not to come to the second half at all. And then it brought them in a locker room the folder with newspaper cuttings which it gathered for many years. In these articles it was told about teams which lost with similar and even big account (for the American soccer it is not such a rarity), but all - all the forces managed to mobilize and won. Having forced the players to read these articles, he lodged in them belief that not all is lost, and this belief based on new internal representations in which they saw themselves winners caused in them a new state of mind.

I what has happened? Team of the Hawaiian university left in the field and finished the second half and all match with the account 22:27 in own favor! Having changed the thoughts, they won. Here, it is valid: one person who has a belief, is equal on force to ninety nine people, the interests possessing only !

Be transformed by mind updating... As scientists explain to

surprising power of thought? The matter is that for reason the thought is real. Is more real, than a thing. This law of soul was explained still by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant: To see, it is necessary to know. As we think, so we also see, and we feel . Our mind, choosing words, thereby, it appears thoughts, forms feelings. Each thought generates feeling. Each word is a droplet of balm or a poison as a hobby. Mind of the patient, negative chooses evil and sad thoughts and by that forms rage and offense. Mind sensible, positive chooses quiet and kind thoughts and forms a peace of mind and pleasure.

Unlimited, almost divine power of thought has also other, deeper reason: Thoughts possess information energy which forms the person, and even defines events of his life, - the Moscow scientist Pyotr Garyaev says. - Our thoughts, thanks to ubiquitous energy of the torsion field, create a resonance in the highest Inner world, and that respectively will organize events of our life, an event of the physical world! On your belief will be to you . That you think of people, will be to you, grows also in you .

Those who think of a body more, than of soul " are unfortunate;. This ancient truth is approved by all religions of the world, all great prophets and wise men. And people do not hear. They live as if headfirst : their mind is pressed down by the weight of their body.

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ gave to people ingenious divine advice: Be transformed by updating of your mind . You wish to live better - update views, views. It is taught by religion. This great truth of life is opened for itself today by science. Better to live, it is necessary to think better! Divinely brilliant idea only now, through 2 thousand years, is realized and explained by science. And many scientists believe that this idea is capable considerably, quicker and better, than atom and the computer to transform human life. Not in physical force, not in money and not in an absolute power, and, first of all, in thoughts force capable to move heaven and earth is hidden, - the famous American psychologist William James admitted. - People can improve the life, changing views .

Let`s try - we will try! - to acquire this simple, but wise lesson: we are the fact that we think. Any thought leaves the mark. And if we do not want to be ill and suffer, but we wish to enjoy life, we should tell about everything only good: about, about people, about the world. And, the main thing, also to think. And then everything in your life will develop as well as possible. Here you will see!]